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  1. I love it for being given to me. For daily adventures. For the opportunity to develop. For your loved ones. For the fact that every person is a part of history. For the things that make me happy. For small joys, for lemonade and beautiful sunglasses. For the sleepy eyes of beautiful people, for the colorful hair. For planes, for books, for poems.�

    For the opportunity to fulfill your dreams.

  2. For the fact that I never stop being surprised by her. The only epithet I would use to describe life is amazing. Such an amazing miracle has been given to us. What a pity that not everyone is able to understand this.

  3. For little things that make you smile even in the worst of times-delicious morning coffee,a beautiful sunrise/sunset, the first snow, etc. For the opportunity to develop,for the opportunity to change something,for the close people you met on this life path, for the opportunity to realize your dreams, for almost limitless opportunities, for days filled with bright emotions,for the fact that in any,even the most terrible period, you can find pluses

  4. It would seem that the wording is simple, but the question is terribly complex. How can you put into words all your feelings about life? All this kaleidoscope of colors, emotions, events, sensations.�

    Let's just say I love life for what it is. For the opportunity to love, enjoy, laugh, learn something new and be surprised by it, read books… The list is long, and it doesn't just include items that are considered “positive” and have a plus sign. I also love fear, sadness, pain, and other emotional shocks that help me feel the value of life and positive experiences even more strongly.

    I love life for the opportunity to see so many insanely beautiful and interesting things. For all the wonders of the world, for wonderful and beautiful animals, for sunrises and sunsets… You can enjoy the world endlessly.

    Yes, there are bad things in the world and in life, there is violence and premature deaths, diseases, catastrophes… But that doesn't change my mind. Rather, it will encourage us to try to change these realities.

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