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  1. First you need to understand what is money? In the current reality, money is paper bills and/or metal coins. If you dig deeper, then money is canned time. Let's prove this theorem:

    Proof # 1: You wanted milk. You go to the store and buy the right amount of milk. How to get milk without money (theft does not count)? You need to buy a cow, water it, put it out to pasture every morning, take care of it, take care of its health, milk it, in the end. And all this takes time. And, to put it mildly, a lot.�

    Proof #2: You need a car. You go to a car dealership/car market and buy it for N-th amount of money. How can I get it without having�N-th sum of money? Spend time studying at a technical university, dig through tons of literature, and you may be able to design an engine and a frame (body part). And what to do with electronics, trim, tires-disks? And how much time it will take for all of the above, you have already roughly calculated yourself. Wouldn't it be easier to pay?

    And finally, I will try to answer the question why do we need money?
    A person has a lot of needs and desires and he wants to satisfy them, at least, not in the worst possible way. A person wants to eat – a person goes to the market for food. And our world is a market. And in the market, you need to pay. Most often * * with money.

    PS **From all of the above, it follows that if you can offer a relevant product on the market, then you will definitely not be left without money.�

    I hope you were interested in my thoughts.

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