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  1. IF a person likes to live, then he already has the initial meaning of life in that he gains positive knowledge and experience of life-to move to a higher level of quality of life and with a deeper meaning…

    IF a person does not like living, then he does not see the point of living – the basis of life is lost-this is the quality and meaning of life.

  2. I like the process of living! I don't feel any need for a “meaning of life”. This, of course, does not exclude the existence of meaning in what I am doing now or intend to do in the future.

  3. Interesting question. This question can be answered with a question. And how to live if you don't know the meaning? How to live if you don't know why? Why do we go to work? For money. And why do we live? Just to live. Well, this is not logical. Isn't that right?

  4. Without the meaning of life (at least hidden, and not explicitly highlighted), you will not want to live. Seriously, if you ask yourself what you live for, there's always something. It's not always something that will look pretentious and global, but the meaning of life doesn't have to be that way.

    It is not necessary to search for the meaning of your life and try to express it in words. Although, this is often useful.

  5. Life without meaning is not fun. A person needs to be aware of why he lives and does everyday things. For example, I'm on Yandex.Q recently, and I now have answers to other people's questions – this is one of the ways to fill my life with meaning. Knowing that I'm giving someone advice and things to think about makes me feel useful. And through other people's answers, I try to understand how to live this life meaningfully and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

  6. I like living, of course. But the meaning of this short earthly life is to achieve eternal life. However, this applies only to non – atheist believers. For them, I think, ” the meaning of life is to create material and cultural values for future generations…and there…come what may.

  7. The meaning of life �must be sought in the spiritual plane, having found it by becoming, for example, God and the Son of God the Most High Christ �for Jesus ' sake, OR having found and strengthened in inner freedom in the description of Viktor Frankl! Everything else will be immediately attached. Highly ideal people have integrity of nature, they know how to make investments in EVERYTHING, but they are not enough and not enough and not enough � – they are POOR IN SPIRIT, so THEY are blessed – TAKING the Kingdom of Heaven BY FORCE!!! By saying 'all' I don't mean material dust – anything that doesn't make sense.

  8. A person thinks about the meaning of �when “something” goes wrong. �When �all” so � “somehow you live” and do not think about it, and this is perhaps the most ” important “meaning. To live in such a way that there is no “question” about the meaning of �at all. I “really like” that there is no meaning in life at all, just like in the game .For “me, the main thing” is to keep the mood in which “I would not like to” look for it ” for as long as possible.

  9. I once sat on the couch, philosophized and came up with the following thoughts: all that a person does in life is consume and create. And this is not a necessary evil, it is a human need. All being is in these two processes.

    Of course, some will say that they don't want to create, but as for me, this is impossible. Any person feels the need for this. A schoolboy goes to a dance class to create the art of grace; a pensioner grows tomatoes; middle-aged adults take a child; young people write programs and learn muses. tools, etc.�

    And since the meaning is in creation, since this is the end point of life: you learn, absorb information, and then create something, then it is advisable to decide what you want to create, otherwise the need will not be fulfilled, which entails suffering.

  10. Because life is not always interesting and fun, and doing boring things or enduring sad times is just so incredibly difficult. But with a sense, you have at least some reason not to lie down forever in a coffin or on a bed

  11. Everyone likes to live there. But a person is psychologically built in such a way that he needs to have a goal, without a goal he ceases to develop. The meaning of life is a goal for life, you will always know what to strive for, what to choose, what to sacrifice, and what to save. Without a goal, a person begins to slowly degrade. That's why there are so many arguments about the meaning of life, people want to find a goal for life and just follow it, it would help a lot of people. But for me personally, I found the meaning of life, for me the meaning of life is in the search for the meaning of life, it is not so simple and interesting, but it helps from depressive thoughts and the meaninglessness of human life. If you think about it this way, no living organism has a global meaning to life.

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