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  1. Just because you don't consciously think about someone or something doesn't mean that your subconscious mind doesn't do it. Perhaps this person interested you in something, but you did not pay attention to it, being immersed in your thoughts and problems, however, the brain recorded this, and is trying to develop this interest. Not being able to “insert” the thought of this into your everyday life, he transferred it to the subconscious level, which largely guides our dreams.
    Try to relax and reflect on what made this person so special to you. Perhaps, at your first meeting, he expressed an opinion on some issue that has been bothering you for a long time, but you do not find time to think about it, or perhaps the person himself seemed interesting to you, but you did not find time to develop communication with him. There are a lot of options, and only you can find the answer to the question “what is so special about this person?”

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