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  1. Because you don't need to. Agree, if your house was on fire, you wouldn't think about this question, right? You'd jump up and put it out. And you don't need everything else , so you don't have the strength, because energy is given on demand. If you want to make sure, do an experiment . On the most undesirable day, lift yourself up and load yourself with work until the evening. And if you don't, you'll lose your monthly salary. You'll be lucky to be able to complete everything, except for the one that just rescheduled for another day. But in general, you will be able to complete everything that you have planned. This means you have a lot of potential.

    This is a great example of how to see how you can stall for your time and not get experience, and soon it's time to die. After all, we live on average only 25550 days(70 years) it's so small. Sit down a little longer and it will all be over soon.

    Imagine that in a few years, you may fall ill with an incurable disease and now you will soon have to end this boring life.

    I will not tell you about what can be more beautiful than a phone, but I hope you understand my point.

    If I were you, I wouldn't be sitting on the phone, but at least doing what I love to do. You can please your loved ones, pamper yourself, and what can you say…. And there are so many beautiful and wonderful things in life that your head is spinning! I wish you to wake up and understand this, and then ….

  2. The human brain has evolved in such a way that a person tries to save energy and implement the simplest and most pleasant things first. When man was still more like an animal, what were his survival tasks? Find a delicious fruit, mate with someone and hide in a warm place so that predators don't eat it. Over time, a person began to have complex needs, complex goals. And the resources of the mind allowed these new tasks to be solved. But the brain didn't evolve as fast as human goals did. Therefore, we have a developed civilization and people with brains that lag behind civilization. If we want to conduct a cruel experiment and isolate a group of people from civilization, they will continue to behave like animals. Eat and sleep.

    When you need to do something difficult, you should first ask yourself: will it make me happier? Am I solving a problem that is relevant to me? If the answer is yes, then you can imagine an extremely successful result of this case. Everything turned out great, everyone around praises, rejoices and sets an example. You can imagine the moment when happiness becomes a little closer after completing this task. Then you can think about whether watching news or social media feeds, or TV, or any other distracting process makes you happier. You can directly and crudely ask yourself: when I do this, do I look more like a person or an animal? Is my infinite scrolling of the social feed different?networks from 20 hours of hippo sleep? Do I want to turn into a hippo? Do I want to merge the time of my life into the void? I can do something useful, get closer to happiness, solve old problems and prevent new ones. Follow the path of development, discovering reality for yourself.

    Human behavior is accompanied by the release of various substances in the body. There are substances of pleasure: endorphins, dopamine. The body gives out these substances in small doses, when a person is lazy, occupies himself with unnecessary, but pleasant things. Therefore, our task is to learn how to enjoy difficult tasks. So that when the brain weighs which task is more pleasant, it knows that when performing a complex and important task, the pleasure will be much greater, the emotions will be much brighter, and in the future this will cause a large number of pleasant moments. Therefore, it is important to train the mind. Go back to the moments of your success and be happy for yourself. Then extend this pleasant feeling to the future result. Imagine: when I finish this, I will make a holiday for myself, I will be so happy that I will remember it for a long time later! If you systematically set yourself up in this way, then over time, networks of connections are formed in the brain that connect the result with the release of pleasure substances. Then the work process will turn into a pleasant game. You can remember computer games. A person can sit at the screen for several hours and solve game problems in order to be shown a beautiful picture with the inscription “you won”at the end. Then what is it capable of in reality? It can develop and strengthen itself in such a way that it can solve real complex problems. Prevent terrible disasters and make millions of people happier. He can understand how the universe works. He can be a real winner. This is much closer to happiness than the picture on the screen.

  3. These are problems of concentration of attention. Many people have them, and I, for example, also have them. ) alternatively, try alternating between work and phone numbers. 15 minutes work – 5 minutes phone. Or choose a different interval that is convenient for you.

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