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  1. Because if all people start living out of the way the wind blows, we're going to have a hell of a time. They can't all be adventurous, risk-taking, and test the foundations for strength at once, because the foundations that are tested for strength and provide stability to society are the people who live like the wind blows. In order for one brave person to come up with a risky idea, there must be a thousand timid people who just live – they provide this brave person with the opportunity to take risks, this is their inconspicuous daily feat.

  2. Individual stores do not have a separate sausage. Why is this so unfair? Why and why does it not need gold when there is a big pipe?

    No one knows why he lives, and those who say they know are lying.

    The only rational doctrine about this is hedonism, i.e. maximizing the enjoyment of life. But it is nothing more than an empirical postulate, nothing more.

    Every time I hear another question about the meaning of life, I check my wallet. Is it still there?

  3. You have partially answered yourself – “as the wind blows,” so we live. And this “wind” knows very well that if people find the answer to the question “why do they live”, then it will not be able to control them.

    If you look at life from the outside, then people are the only creatures on earth who have to pay for their living on it from the cradle…This is a very well-organized system that pursues a deeper slavery than is apparent at first glance – we pay with our souls, because we have no other, which are energy “food” for parasitic gods, as God the Father warned everyone about a long time ago, but no one listened to Him:

    15 But if you will not listen to the voice of the LORD your God, and will not observe to do all his commandments and his statutes, which I command you this day, then all these curses will come upon you and overtake you.

    People did not want to preserve the purity, kindness and truth given to us by the Father at creation, they preferred material goods, for the sake of which they agree with the ugly spiritual environment that the evil gods turned the beautiful earth into.

    Therefore, each person has his own shepherd who lives at his expense, but he will never know – the parasites will not allow them to take their lives.

  4. Well, these are two very different questions, and one is the answer to the other. Many people don't want to, and almost everyone can't. They live like the wind blows because they can't understand what they live for. They still can't.

  5. Because there is so little responsibility , And people are brought up that way!. It can be supplemented by the fact that you can only realize your essence by receiving secret knowledge and expanding your consciousness. But interpret knowledge into experience, otherwise there will be an empty holographic text to fill in the memory. There's still a lot to add here.This is not like spitting it's a huge philosophy.There are a lot of nuances here

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