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  1. And why should anyone care whether voluntary relationships between adults are considered normal or not? No violence, no coercion, no invasion of personal space-so it has the right to exist.

  2. all orientations are traditional, it is from the very birth of a person (gender identity, too), and besides, gays, lesbians, bi, trans people, etc. do not harm anyone

  3. Because homosexual behavior is observed in more than 1,500 animal species, including homosapiens. Such behavior is an evolutionarily developed tactic that increases the chances of survival of the species, including, however, courtship, joint foraging or joint fulfillment of parental obligations as manifestations of homosexual behavior. From a natural and scientific point of view, human homosexuality is physiologically and socially quite normal. And claims that homosexuality is not a tradition are based on religious/political considerations (increasing demographics, manipulation levers).

  4. From the point of view of Biology, homosexuality cannot be the norm. Obviously, this is a deviation from the prevailing form of sexual behavior. But just as a deviation from the biological norm is a tendency to obesity, or a sensitive ear for music.

    In addition, a person is not only a biological animal. In a person's life, a very important role is played by the social component (including upbringing, traditions, morals, etc., etc.).

    So a tolerant attitude to deviations from the norm, if they do not harm others, is the NORM in a modern secularized civilized society.

    There is an opinion that an open demonstration of one's homosexual orientation harms family values in society and may somehow affect the growth of the number of homosexuals in kolchichesvta. However, I have not heard of any scientific studies that would indicate a significant influence of external factors (upbringing, fashion, etc.) on the number of homosexuals. But internal factors (hormonal profile, genetics, etc.) are very well known.

    1. This has long been excluded from the list of diseases

    2. It does not harm anyone, no one forces anyone

    3. If you were forbidden to love , you would also think that something is wrong with you.

  5. Because it is. In general, I consider everything that does not cause harm to be normal, and sexual orientation clearly applies to this (unless, of course, you are one of those crazy fanatics who believe that a person can be forced to change it by “propaganda”, and then we will all die out). I rather don't understand how it can be considered NOT the norm.

  6. This is not the norm, it is a dead-end branch of evolution. References to the animal world are untenable, since there homosexuality is of a short-term situational nature. There is not a single representative in the wild who would have sex throughout his life only with a representative of his own sex (because from the point of view of procreation, this is complete nonsense).

  7. and now I will write an answer, starting with “minus me” and I will be ignored

    I don't think this is the norm, neither in humans nor in animals. It might be something like a mental disorder, but it's completely harmless.�

    Like, I'm really happy for people who love each other and I don't care about their gender. I do not care in what “non-traditional” forms these people have sex(nothing prevents people with a traditional orientation from having fun in the same way), and even more so I am in favor of these people starting families and raising children. For example, some girls get married because it is necessary, and for the same reason(well, if not by accident) have children. For the LGBT community, this is a bold decision, and they know that they will be judged. So if such a couple decides on children and a family, it will be 100% confident and correct decision.

    If my son (daughter) tells me that he likes guys, then I, of course, will not take him to a psychologist, I will not say that he is a sick bastard.�

    I just don't understand why more people are interested in the opposite sex, but the same person doesn't feel anything for it.

    1. It's just the same feelings of warmth, love, but for a person of the same sex as you. There's nothing wrong with that, and you shouldn't be ashamed of it. 2. Everyone has the right to choose , so being an LGBT person means that you are a conscious person who made your own choice.
  8. At least because it does not harm others, and a person with such an orientation cannot (or is very difficult) to change.

    When the only difference is the gender of your partner, the relationship is not much different from “traditional” – gays and lesbians also quarrel and make up, watch movies in each other's arms, travel, surprise each other and enjoy pleasant little things, have offspring (surrogacy, artificial insemination), raise children and walk in parks in their old age.

    Why fix something that already works well without bothering anyone?

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