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  1. My answer is:

    “Humanity can be loved for what it is, for the fact that it gives happiness, and at the same time causes pain, for the fact that people suffer and then overcome them and enjoy what they did not appreciate before. Humanity can be loved for many things, a person can be valued and respected, and also hated and despised for an incredible number of things. But it is worth asking not this question, but the following: what is humanity for you?”

  2. usually, the humanity of a certain person is quite small, and is limited to those people with whom he contacts.

    Humanity gives us experience and direction of development. That is, the past and the future, and if we were able to enter a personal identity there, then we and humanity are incredibly lucky, because we have contributed to its development

    This is how both man and humanity work and in general))

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  3. For the fact that it, like each of us, was created by God. And all creatures must love each other. Each of us is basically good. But each of us has an alien and hostile evil stuck to us. Our goal is to purify ourselves and help others to purify themselves. Yes, humanity is now joyfully going to destruction. But you shouldn't hate him for it. We must try to awaken people, to remind them of forgotten eternal truths. You need to find good people and combine your own and their efforts.

  4. Humanity can be loved for many things. Humanity can be loved for its long and astounding history: isn't it breathtaking to think about how humans evolved? From the primitive system to communist China, from the pyramids to the Hilton hotels, from alchemy to dark matter experiments-humanity is relatively young, but its history is already so rich and majestic!

    Humanity can be loved for its diversity and diversity. Blacks, Asians, whites. Red-haired Irish, dark Italians, curly-haired Jews – it's all great.

    Humanity can be loved for its desire for knowledge. We are about to send small ships weighing several grams to plow through space at a tremendous, unimaginable speed-just because we are curious.

    Humanity can be loved for its art. From rock art to 3D art, from primitive drums to jazz.

    After all, humanity can be loved simply because it has given us the people we love.

  5. Humanity is an abstract category that includes a lot of processes, from social to physical.�

    Love is an abstract category that reflects the totality of various processes from physical to psychological.�

    How can two abstract categories be combined? In each case, this will be a unique relationship.�

    Someone will occasionally feel awe at the achievements of culture that a person could not even imagine before coming into contact with them. For example, a villager who goes on a trip to the capitals of the world and sees a variety of architectural forms. For him, it can become love.�

    Or a person left on a desert island for a long time may experience longing and a sense of loss, which can also be called love for humanity.

    Such examples can be given endlessly.�

    It is also worth noting that there are standards that are beneficial to society and are transmitted to a person from childhood. However, the standards are not universal, but rather socio-political, so in different countries, under different regimes, love for humanity has different reasons. Both for achievements in science and for achievements in culture.�

    Love for humanity is not an innate value, but the relationship of various sensations and phenomena, it is difficult to talk about objective reasons, if not meaningless at all.

  6. I would like to start my answer with a quote from the book “The Fifth Element “” Everything that you create, you then destroy.”

    Perhaps my opinion will seem too pathetic, but I believe that humanity has nothing to love. My morning begins with watching the news, and every time I listen to what is happening in the world, I understand how meaningless and low our existence is.

    Endless wars and armed conflicts, just because the “kings of this world” can not tame their selfishness and greed, they will never get enough of what they have, everyone needs to grab as much land as possible along with resources. And so they kill, rape, destroy everything that was on earth for many years before they appeared in this world, they spend state budgets on military equipment and equipment, sponsor all this hell, but still, the war cannot last forever, one day you will have to sit down at the negotiating table and come to peace, sign a piece of paper, and this very piece of paper will cost millions of�

    Many of us are not only unable to create, but rather seek to destroy what we have inherited from previous generations and even civilizations. We can't keep what we already have, we are a consumer society, which is fed acorns like a pig, and we sit contentedly, unable to look around and understand what a sewer we are in and how far we are from all the moral ideals that we so zealously and hypocritically preach to our children in the hope of raising a Person. But what can people teach their children by setting such an example? Now in the world of teenage and child crime is far from the last social problem, and the whole point is that freaks can only give rise to the same freaks (oranges do not grow on aspen trees), who can only satisfy their primitive needs, not shying away from harming other people.

    We have completely forgotten how to think with our own heads and live our own lives, society manipulates us so skillfully and covertly that we are unknowingly led by all this trend nonsense, considering it our choice, but hardly anyone thinks “If this is my choice, why don't I feel like a free person?”.�

    Since childhood, educational institutions have been hammering a slavish attitude into our heads, turning people into rats who run after illusory money that will never belong to us, in order to get as much material goods as possible in order to satisfy their inner gluttonous ego. And all this just to make sure that your latest model of iPhone gives others the impression that you are a wealthy and successful person.

    And all these pseudo-enlightened, highly spiritual personalities who preach a healthy lifestyle, yoga and meditation, and other esoteric wisdom. Their humanity and decency is so deceitful and arrogant, it ends where the competition and struggle for a place in the sun begins.

    We destroy the place where we live, we shit “for ourselves”, like disabled people, but not physically, but morally. Our planet, according to scientists, is the only one in the universe!, where there is life, this is our home, our only refuge, but unfortunately we are so far from realizing the value of human life, the value of the Earth, it would seem that we should help each other, move in the same direction, but alas, all we get now is an endless division of our tiny planet “Man is not the crown of nature, but her funeral wreath.”

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