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  1. Don't know. I have fun myself, as it turns out under the circumstances. d. r December 31. Always with your family( parents don't count). It was hard with my relatives, especially with my mother. And then after 26, in general, lafa, champagne, I sing songs, click lights on TV, dance. Yesterday, for example, D. R. dochi was. She was crying. My husband was scared into the TV, and I drank, had a snack, sang songs for 3 hours, then drank again, danced for two hours and sang songs. My husband was quietly filming for the camera. I don't care about figs. I slept. Sat down to work at the computer. My daughter says, and how do you do it? I don't know what to say to her…. Like this..

  2. This happens if a person is prone to melancholy, whining, closed, lonely, introvert, loser, thin-vulnerable and all of a pitiful nature, sluggish, pessimist and so on down the list. Of course, this does not mean that all the grief of the Jewish people is necessarily in one particular birthday boy. I don't want to offend anyone with such words and completely exaggerate, you can partially or completely correspond to one of these exaggerated definitions or all at once, as you are lucky. In any case, crying on a birthday is more likely to be someone who at least partially matches this description. Sociable guys and merry people, as a rule, do not whine, but go to have fun and celebrate.

    But people like me, for example, are more inclined to whine, and if you really want to dramatize on your birthday, then here's why. It is your birthday that is the most appropriate day to notice that in general, no one ever calls you and no one really remembers your existence. On other days, you don't have to think about it, life goes on as usual, you cook yourself in your own juice, and there is no reason to think about it. But it's your birthday that lets you know how lonely and useless you are. The people who have remembered you can be counted on the fingers of one crippled hand.

    Birthday is positioned in society as a day when even the most pathetic little man gets the right to become the navel of the earth for at least a day and afford anything – we remember this from childhood and intuitively expect miracles and joy. Everyone knows from childhood that this is such a day, YOURS, and it is you who are the best, coolest, most beloved and handsome on this day. So on a birthday, a person who grew up on such a show suddenly wants attention, without which he does very well all the rest of the time, and suddenly there is nowhere to get this attention. Two or three people at best, while as a child the whole world revolved around you on this day. Everyone's busy, and you're too busy and sluggish to have much fun, and no one cares about you. You wouldn't mind listening to compliments and congratulations, receiving gifts that no one ever gives you anyway, and devouring cakes, laughing cheerfully and thanking everyone around you. But there's no one around. People around you finally have such a great reason not to hold back their love for you, to make you feel good and tell you how wonderful you are! But then you realize that no one has ever wanted to do this, and not because on normal days they are not supposed to and all these impulses were reserved for your birthday. Instead, you'll be working, then potty training and sleeping.�

    Of course, not every birthday boy is left in sad solitude. Someone just finds themselves surrounded by people who have finally decided to show their sincere concern. Here, sadness can be associated again with the same discrepancy between the secretly Desired and expected, but such an undesirable Reality. Starting from banal gifts, when a person wants or even asked for one thing, but gets another, because “it's more necessary /memorable/useful!” (very often this happens in adolescence) – although I don't really want to admit such materialism and even mention it – ending with sad wishes. Any birthday boy in the depths of his heart would just like to hear something like “thank you for being such a good friend” and the banal “you're smart, handsome and stay that way”, and someone would not refuse to praise (and we hear them very rarely and, frankly, usually do not deserve – but on this day timidly dawns hope: maybe today I can do this?). But instead, we listen only “to the point”: “I wish you could finally find a normal job / find yourself in life / get your head together / start studying and stop being a moron / start a family (or something that we all have for a long time, but you don't) / stop drinking / don't be such a beggar anymore /� …” – and the list goes on endlessly. It's very sad. Of course,” wishes “do not consist entirely of such hidden reproaches with a sad reference to age (“… you're already twelve!”), but I'm sure that each of us at least once heard these “friendly” and such sad things on a day when we would just like attention and love.

    A separate type of sadness can grow out of a relationship with a loved one. He definitely loves you all the days of the year more than anyone else, but on this day he doesn't show heroism. You know this, but you would so much like to get a flower from him and at least the most ridiculous and angular compliment, but you are already so used to each other, you are so in the board of your own, that “your” just can not strain. You know very well that you will love it even without chivalrous performances, but deep down you still want something unexpected and festive.

    In addition to the reason for feeling a slighted sense of self – importance, a birthday is a great chance to realize, for example, that you have not achieved anything in a year or have achieved less than you would like. That your time is moving forward and you're not. That you haven't gotten any prettier or wiser. (The same unique opportunity is also available for the new year, by the way.) When you were 9 and became 10, it's a nice achievement. When I was 17 and I became 18, this is also a certain event. And when you were 25 (48, 76), and became 26 (49, 77) – it does not mean anything, it is not a step forward, no bonus, and there is absolutely nothing to be happy about.

    A normal person, of course, will see this as a reason to celebrate, meet with friends and have fun, but since the question about crocodile tears, I deliberately describe only the dark side of the coin. Of course, all these examples together and in one person cannot exist, and if they do exist, then this is already something painful, but one of the options will clearly be suitable for those who are “unreasonably” sad on their birthday.

  3. Because you're not celebrating properly! Or without the right person. Do not look at the number in your passport, on the day of the calendar, call your friends to karaoke, sing the right songs�The Gaza Strip — 30 years. You will get discounts today in stores and cafes, go take advantage of the offers.

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