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  1. The first answer can be supplemented by the fact that technically, in the cold season, more energy is required to maintain body temperature.

    PS It may not be a lot out of the question, but it happens that people on a calorie-deficient diet complain that they are cold. (Just a fact for 140 characters).

  2. This is a subconscious instinct in any animal(yes, people are also animals, just smart). So, all animals gain weight before winter, many also grow a thick coat. Why they grow their fur is clear – they dress more warmly.” Why do they gain weight – in winter it is more difficult to find food, fat will burn, and the body will function. Fat also insulates the internal organs well from the cold.

    That's why a person wants to eat in winter – to gain fat mass.


    I apologize for any possible grammatical errors. I didn't learn Russian at school .

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