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  1. I think that not all bad emotions are spilled out during a quarrel ,and sex is an opportunity to get rid of them and get pleasure. After that nothing gnaws at the inside that's all

  2. There are three types of hormonal responses to stress and conflict: estrogen, adrenaline, and testosterone.

    Estrogen-fell, froze, died. Adrenaline – I got scared and got into a fight to suppress my fear. Testosterone-assessed the situation and began expanding its appeal in its favor.

    Your girlfriend is probably dominated by the second or third. Therefore, she initiates sex in the course of a quarrel, so that either you (adrenaline) or she (testosterone) you.

  3. I don't think that just every girl gets excited because of quarrels. Just like any girl gets excited from any quarrel. Everything has its own framework and quarrels should also be specific in order for the girl to get excited.

    I have two arguments about this, which, depending on the situation, answer your question:

    1. Girls are more emotional creatures than we are men, and I think they are aroused not only by touching,but also by the emotional jolt, the unbalance.
    2. There is also an opinion that sex after a quarrel is its continuation, where the girl proves to you that you are wrong, when there are no arguments in her favor left. In general, the quarrel continues, but already in a horizontal position and it seems to us men that we won, but in fact “pleasantly lost”.

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