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  1. Women's clothing is usually focused on focusing on certain features of the figure (chest, waist, hips, etc.) Men do not have all this wealth, so it looks comical. In addition, women's clothing is often also about the openness of the body, and for men this is not practiced with the exception of the beach. Plus, on a man in a normal household situation, women's clothing is almost always much smaller in size, and this is not cute, but also comical. It is clear that this is not always the case. Stage costumes, for example, sometimes come from the women's wardrobe to men. ��

    Men's clothing is more minimalistic, more strict, without such bright accents on the features of the figure (unless you wear men's underwear), which means that in principle it is closer to unisex and much more suitable for girls (trousers, shirts, jumpers, etc.). It is clear that it is not for everyday wear, but this will no longer be a comedy. Plus, for a girl, there is always the opportunity to wear an oversized (this is in fashion), which will emphasize fragility (it does not matter if it is an oversized from a woman's wardrobe or a man's).

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