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  1. Probably the most logical two factors: shyness and a bad opinion.

    If the point is shyness, then he just needs some time to get used to it, to learn something, so that even before he met, he would be confident in himself, knowing what he is dealing with. I don't know the whole situation, but I don't advise him to show his concern as much as possible. This can be a little scary and seem like a fake.

    If the problem is a bad opinion,then the problem will disappear exactly when the person changes their opinion. Suppose he has a bad opinion of himself. He likes the girl too and can't control the urge to think and talk about her,but he can't talk to her because he thinks it will only make her life worse. If something like this slips, then in order to correct this situation, you need to show some need for it. Well, just not for life,but at least for a moment and you can even replay with a sense of gratitude.a little bit. So that he decides that his time has come (your time is up, my time is now).

    If the problem is a bad opinion of a girl, then most likely the problem can be solved by trying to change, etc., to remove their bad qualities. But is it worth it? This may not help in any way. People have a “cool” tendency: not knowing what to want without getting the result. Even if, for example, he names the personal 7 deadly sins of a passion, then it's not a fact that after changing them, he won't think “Yes,I didn't want it all that way, damn it. Things got even worse. “. This thing, by the way, in my opinion applies to both sexes. This trend applies specifically to people,not to a certain age, or a certain gender, or both.

    Good luck to you.

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