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  1. Not only under the blanket, but in general in any place that is a niche, shelter, enclosed space. This is due to the memory of birth, an archetypal connection with the image of the womb, which was our first home.

    To be fair, not all people experience comfort under the covers. There are so many factors (asphyxia during childbirth, severe prolonged contractions in the mother, toxicosis of the second half of pregnancy, which led to a qualitative deterioration in the state of amniotic fluid and increased intoxication in the child) that lead to the fact that it is difficult for a person to stay in places where it is warm, dark, stuffy and crowded all his life. Such people need the windows always open – even in winter, so that the room is not cluttered with furniture, etc.

    But there is also a simpler, physiological reason. Thermoregulation in sleep is slightly different than in the waking state. A person in a dream quickly freezes if not covered with something warm. Naturally, where it's good, it's safe.

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