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  1. While here they find out whether a person is crazy or just a fool who likes to rise and fall, I'll tell you my point of view, but interesting.

    Let's rewind the film to our ancient, well, very ancient ancestors and see what they did there? Everyone probably already guessed, had fun on the tree, swung, jumped on trees, played, climbed trees, etc.

    Try to put a dog or any other animal on the swing, but it will howl with fear.

    Man shows himself as a real monkey, if anyone did not guess that we are descended from a monkey, then look at the man on the swing and the monkey in the zoo, one face.

  2. I've read that this is related to our memory of swaying in the amniotic fluid in the womb, and that babies are soothed by motion sickness, and adults seek comfort in rhythmic body movements to find feelings of protection and peace.

  3. During the loss of a foothold, whether it is swinging on a swing or a sharp descent while driving in a car or on an airplane, the brain senses an emergency, sends a signal to the adrenal glands, and already there in the brain layer of the adrenal glands, adrenaline is formed, hence the tickling in the lower abdomen and a rush of energy and mood. The more dangerous you are, the more adrenaline you get. In childhood, there are enough swings)

  4. What kind of pleasure ? Moral or physical? If the former, then it's just fun! If the latter, then the contents of the stomach hang out and it causes certain sensations, not always pleasant, but many people like it.

  5. For the same reason that people like the moment of a sharp take-off on an airplane, high speeds on a car/motorcycle, and even just ride a bus. Somehow, when the brain's perception of the “fulcrum” is lubricated, endorphins are produced. Or maybe this is feedback – the person slightly “loses consciousness” and thinks that he is happy. I would like a normal neurophysiologist to come here in a good way, but since there are already two incorrect answers, my inaccurate one won't hurt either.

    PS I think that ” rocking psychos “(the consequence of taking neuroleptics) is from the same series.

  6. This is a psychological effect, sorry for the comparison, with rocking a psycho-the brain is busy with another action, from which your thoughts can rest, and while the body is working. (when swinging, you move your back with your hands)

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