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  1. One thing can probably be said about the expediency of fantasies (imagination) from the point of view of human evolution. All that we have achieved, we owe to them and our further development too. If once upon a time our distant ancestors had not developed the ability to imagine and fantasize, we would not have become what we are now. How exactly our ancestors managed to develop this ability, I will not undertake to tell, but I want to note one thing. Of course, this was greatly facilitated by the change in the “human” hand and fine motor skills of the fingers, and as a result, the development of the “ability and need” for various kinds of masturbation.
    Remember what representation our hand has in the cerebral cortex?

  2. Fantasy is part of the mind, part of thinking. So the question can be restated – ” Why do people need intelligence from the point of view of evolution?” I think that without imagination, we wouldn't be any different from monkeys. After all, the ancients fantasized that people fly, and then the Wright fantasy brothers flew. So fantasy is the engine of progress!

  3. Generating possible scenarios and developing an action plan. Abstract thinking is built on fantasy. Thanks to it, we create and invent new things.

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