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  1. Because alcohol disinhibits the processes that we slow down, interrupt, hide in ourselves. And each of them has their own-someone does not allow himself to relax, all the time worries and controls, and someone does not allow himself to be aggressive, angry… And someone to show warmth and love… Alcohol “brings everyone to clean water”)))

  2. Alcohol doesn't provide comfort, happiness, or fun – it just enhances a person's current state. From there, the phrase: “What is on the mind of a sober person is on the tongue of a drunk.” Therefore, I personally do not recommend drinking to remove any negative emotions. At least eat with a SIM card.

  3. And some do not change at all, also the true essence?))
    I attribute this exclusively to the hormonal background and internal torments.
    I don't know… a person experiences some kind of internal pain there ( it doesn't matter if it's real or if he just invented it) and then he lets go of the brakes.

  4. I think that the Buddha would not have given an answer that could satisfy everyone, my opinion(drawn from lo) is that toxins “weigh down”the blood flow and circulating in the body “touches”the most vulnerable nerve centers

  5. Alcohol is primarily a toxic psychoactive substance. And therefore, it leads a person to a state of altered consciousness, and does not “bring to light” in any way.

    Then everything depends on the concentration of alcohol in the blood, which in turn depends on the amount consumed and the body's ability to remove this alcohol and process it. It also depends on how quickly it was consumed, how much was eaten, and many other factors.

    At a low concentration of alcohol in the blood, euphoria, sociability are noted, and at an increase – an increasing negative effect on motor skills, inhibition of higher nervous activity, serious memory disorders, and so on.

    But this is the average for a hospital. If you dig deeper , there are studies on the effects of alcohol on different groups of people. For example, for women and men. Or with a different hormonal and mental background. But it would still be great to read the expert's opinion.

  6. I don't agree with Elena. But I will say the opposite: alcohol “enhances” the mood. Well, this is from a medical point of view.

    • 38 characters and blah blah blah. In short, guys, don't drink.
  7. As a bartender, I can say that people can also declare their love, show photos of their family up to the fifth knee, be stupid, ask to put “A glass of vodka on the table”, want to break something, want to fight, want a glass of vodka after the seventh beer, they can sleep in the toilet and imagine themselves geniuses/libertines/saints. All of this is so impossibly good that there's no need to dig into the reasons.

    “If you want to go to the left, Venichka, go to the left, I'm not forcing you to do anything. If you want to go right, go right.”

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