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  1. first, the body begins to rebuild after the winter to a completely different rhythm. you can see for yourself: the length of the day increases, vitamins in your body are at the limit, fruits do not provide much help here, beriberi, in a word. during this period, it is better to take complex vitamins. the body gets used to everything new, but it takes a certain amount of time, which requires effort. The body simply gets tired of what it has accumulated over the winter, it needs to replenish what it has lost,but it is not so easy to make up for it in the shortest possible time, and sometimes it is impossible. everything is restored over time.
    well, the most common fatigue leads to the most banal consequences: irritability, apathy, depression. so on this basis, the mental syndrome may worsen.
    Take care of yourself and your nerves.

  2. Read Durkheim's Suicide. In general, the author will answer your question. Basic idea: statistics show that spring is the most “suicidal” time of the year. The author claims that this happens not because of the heat, but because of the greatest intensity of social life during this period. Suicide rates are influenced not by temporal or climatic factors, but by their social consequences – the intensification and consolidation of people's social activities.

  3. Exacerbation in mentally ill people is possible under the influence of trier factors. I know a case when a person was excited and “raged” at the sight of Alexander Tsekalo on TV. Others when reading the Bible or psychology books. Everyone is completely different.

  4. Yes, it also seems to me that the fact is that over the winter our body is simply depleted Lack of vitamins and , of course, weakened immunity over the winter-all this affects our well-being in early spring But after a month everything is restored A good mood comes, I want updates in life Even there are thoughts that I want to fall in love with someone Isn't This means that the body has received a portion of vitamin D from the sun, the diet has become more diverse, fresh vegetables and fruits, the weather is excellent and you want to walk a lot All this contributes to the health of the whole body

  5. This is due to a large number of factors: evolutionary, climatic, and biological. The spring period provokes changes in the lifestyle of all living beings on the planet. To say that this is only a period of “Love and the Beginning of a new One” is very superficial. But, it is during this period that people are more attuned to finding a partner, and the body is experiencing severe stress due to the hormonal background.

    It is most preferable during this period to be attentive to your needs and emotions, play sports, and spend more time with friends and family. If there are “too many” emotions, you should try something new, find a way out for your emotions.

    If you answer in a strictly clinical sense, then the early manifestation of psychosis is due to the hormonal background that changes during this period. On the other hand, chronic fatigue, injuries, and post-stress conditions make us vulnerable to spring.

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