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  1. Of course, not everyone hates it. The rut at MGTOW comes from some of the female half of humanity – those who are not confident in their competitiveness. The motive is that if there are more “independent” men, the competition among women for the remaining “dependent” men will increase, and the value of marriage will decrease. Hysteria about this is completely in vain, because among women there are enough and will be even more missing childfree, so there are no particularly drastic changes in the marriage market.

  2. I personally have a normal attitude .Finally, following Radfem, the masculists came up with separatism. If you don't like women, don't bother with women.�

    What pisses me off the most about members of any God forgive me male movements is that they still want a woman. No matter how much they despise us, they want to fuck us and possess us . I want to come home, and there is a woman in a negligee with dinner, and in the nursery the heirs of the family are fed and put to bed. So they proceed in assumptions about how to enslave the women back, how to arrange it so that each gentleman will have a comfortable, high-quality and undemanding bedding. No, it would just do without women, as radfem do without men.

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