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  1. THIS is a very pleasant misconception or opinion about yourself, but it is also a way of self-stimulation and self-aggrandizement. This method is widely used in political propaganda.

    IF a person considers himself, on the contrary, worse than others, then this destroys and suppresses him.

    SMART, cultured people do not need such grief-reflections – they are well aware of where they are better and where they are worse than others.

  2. I'll tell you what! He's doing this for his mom! My mother convinced every single person that only the best is worthy of her love.

    And only out of fear of his mother, this “every person” tries to convince himself and people that he is worthy of love.

    Only out of fear.

  3. A person who really considers himself better than others does not need to take out loans to buy the most sophisticated car or the latest iPhone. There is no point in bragging in social networks about your reading, expensive repairs or the opportunity to go somewhere in the Maldives twice a year, there is no need to post beautiful pictures that indicate that “life was a success”. It seems to me that most people – thanks to their parents-suffer from an inferiority complex, but not everyone is aware of this. But still feels some vague uneasiness.And to make up for it, he desperately tries to convince himself that he is, at least in some ways, better than others. And it takes a lot of effort to prove it to everyone else.

    I had two friends who really seemed to think they were better than the others. One of them-the son of a classical Jewish mother – was so confident that he could go to negotiations with a customer in torn shoes. But he made money without getting up from the couch, literally out of thin air. The other was not yet thirty when he left for the United States literally penniless. He has a wife, two grown-up sons, and an art gallery in New York.

  4. Because he has to live with himself. He is his own mother, and father, and husband, and wife. A person is alone, and therefore always conducts a mental dialogue with himself, waiting for praise, consolation, to say that everything is fine or will still be fine, that life is not terrible, that he is worthy, etc. Rather, a person simply knows himself a little better than others, because he can not go beyond his own brain, and therefore evaluates everyone by himself. A person has nowhere to go from himself. This is an illusion perceived by the brain as the totality of our “I”, and it must necessarily be good, beautiful, special, deserving of benefits and happiness. Otherwise, everyone would kill themselves at any discrepancy between expectations of reality.
    And if a person really believes that he is better than others, then this is already a mania and unhealthy self-esteem based on his injuries. Adequate self-esteem is equality with the installation of your ego in the center. Everything else is pain and complexity, not callousness.

  5. Well, why should it be worse than the others?:))) After all, we are all born for good, for positive things, for self-improvement, and not for suffering after all. More for the sake of compassion… That's why you think that if you don't mean any harm, you're as good as anyone else. Is not it so? It's as simple as that.

    Sorry if I misunderstood your question.

  6. Because in this reality, the INFO-field creates a complete immersion of a person in only their own needs, excluding the needs of other people. This is where individualists grow up who think they are the best

  7. Not everyone thinks they are the best. Then we would not face inferiority complexes in people, there would be no people with mental disorders that require a state of sacrifice, humiliation. We would not have encountered cases of suicide, when a person did not accept himself as full-fledged, capable of something.

  8. Not everyone-girls mostly because of the unpaired chromosome.

    Well, suffering from an inferiority complex, aka megalomania.

    People who do not understand horizontal (equal) relationships talk about better/worse, they need to be either above someone or under someone.

    In fact, all people are about the same – each has its own pros and cons.

  9. Not everyone, like me, never thought so, and until the age of 7 I thought that we are all equal, until I realized that there is a government, and all these buns now I understand that I am like a child, worthless

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