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  1. I will speak for myself, faith gives me hope because there is a chance that everything is not just like that and we are living beings, people in particular did not just appear to die or give birth to a new generation.�

    It (faith) gives me hope because I believe that there is a God and he will take me to his halls one day (yes, that's a cool word I know) and I will not disappear into this huge and possibly empty universe. That He is the one who with His love will cleanse me of all the filth that is happening both in the world and in my own soul.

  2. And gives? Exactly gives? Have you checked?

    “Then, son, for God's sake don't touch anything!”

    And so, it depends on what kind of faith and what kind of believer.

    But if we focus on faith in the RMAS of the Abrahamic religions, then they have one common and important element: the hope for absolute justice coming from the Creator – sinless, all-seeing, all-knowing.�
    If we talk about religious practices and traditions in general, then I think it is worth noting such a component as the regulation of life: guided by the precepts, the apologist in most situations knows how and what to do. Such knowledge creates calmness and confidence, and a sense of joy, and even happiness. And in any disaster and in any turmoil, this person will hope that his systematic approach will turn the situation around for the better.�

    Well, the last point that I want to mention is the feeling that you are not alone.�
    I'm not talking about watching Big Brother, I'm talking about the feeling that probably should be familiar to people from normal families with human relationships: if something happens, I won't be left alone with my trouble.�
    Someone knows what I am, someone cares about my existence and is important, this someone loves me.�

    Like Letov in Mishutka: it means that someone there knows, it means that someone there loves.�

    Hopeful, isn't it?

  3. The New Testament contains these words::

    Faith, on the other hand, is the fulfillment of what is expected and the assurance of what is not seen(Hebrews 11:1).

    What you believe already exists, in a sense.

    It's not about matter, the stone will not appear from what you believe. But to stumble out of the blue, believing that there is a stone, you may well be able to.

    A person who believes that he loves and is loved lives in a different way than before. A person who believes that everyone around him is plotting something against him also changes his life. Often there are simpler options: a person in anyone who comes across (and not in everyone in general), who turns to him, to whom he turns, suspects a material interest “smiled, yeah, it's because he wants to make money on me” or”smiled, so my hair is disheveled”. Sooner or later, around such people and there are those who need something, the rest of us why unfair claims? And a person who is suspicious of appearance becomes, indeed, funny.

    There is also a more direct influence of faith on matter-psychosomatics. You can either get sick from emotions, or recover from a positive attitude, or speed up these processes.

  4. There are many parables about God,

    But, still, there is one of them,

    Which I personally once did

    I was startled to tears.

    Now in verse I will try,

    According to this parable to tell,

    About God's dialogue with us,

    About what is important for everyone to understand.

    The man is old after death,

    Fallen to God in the other world,

    I decided that it was time to figure it out,

    What the human world suffers for.

    • Well, how so! He said to the God.

    • Well, how much more is there to grumble?

    You made a promise to everyone, didn't you,

    Don't leave us in your lifetime!

    Let's take me for example,

    Let's look at my life now.

    How often did I cry out to God in it?

    And how many times have you opened the door?

    To this God answered him:

    • Well, that's good. Look back:

    Over there are the roads of your life,

    You didn't follow them at random.

    Watch carefully, my friend,

    I can see your footprints everywhere,

    But at all stages of life,

    With your next and mine.

    The old man looked at it carefully.

    Well, it is necessary! He's telling the truth!

    On all roads and paths,

    With him around, God is still watching.

    • However, stop! That road over there!

    I can see two tracks on it!

    And just then in life,

    There was a terrible disaster.

    Then the whole world was a wedge.

    A nightmare for the body and soul.

    You left me there, God,

    I was alone in the middle of nowhere.

    And God answers with a sigh:

    • Understand that all these ways

    You've been guided through your life,

    So you can find me.

    Yes, it is difficult. I understand.

    Sometimes you should be in tears,

    So, my favorite son,

    I carried you there in my arms.

  5. Why everyone immediately jumped on Faith in God. There is faith as an independent concept. Faith in…. Then substitute yourself, which is nice to your soul. And already in this perspective, we can say that faith is a person's expectations and hopes. As they like to say in society, what you believe is your world, is real. Now I'm not talking about negatives like pessimists, but only about people whose expectations from life are full of bright dreams. So, if a person wholeheartedly, he will tune in to a positive mood, and this is not hope. For example, I still believe that I will assemble my car and restore it, although everyone has been saying for a long time, sell it and don't suffer. Self-confidence gives me hope )

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