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  1. Another question the answer to which should begin with the separation of warm from soft…

    The first part is why there are certain sexual stimuli (by the way, why is the question only about men)? I will probably leave the answer to this question out of the scope of this text.

    Part two – do all “men who are excited to wear women's clothing” decide to switch and generally feel not in the male gender identity? Absolutely not. For some, this is a fetish and part of the sexual game, for others it is a way to temporarily express the feminine side of their personality and these people are absolutely comfortable with such periodic external transformations, without any desires for the so-called full-time and transgender transition. However, there is no doubt that many transfeminous people have experienced crossdressing as an initial stage of transition or as a way to relieve at least a little gender dysphoria in conditions where the transition seems impossible.

    Part Three – Do all “men who wear women's clothing” experience sexual arousal? And here, too, the answer is no. But it is also wrong to say that this does not happen to transgender people. It happens very, very differently. For some, such dressing up and feeling comfortable in this role provides an opportunity for sexual liberation, and for others, on the contrary, it causes asexuality due to the unwillingness to focus on aspects of the genitals at this moment. Here I can cite my personal experience as an example. Before the transition, I had a period of cross-dressing as a way to express my gender identity. At the same time, sexual desire was completely turned off and any hints and conversations about sex were very unpleasant. At the same time, outside of the feminine image, in the “male” role, I could have sex with great pleasure. Naturally, my example does not mean that this is the case for everyone, on the contrary, it is intended to show the variability of human sexuality and the inconsistency of some common ideas about transhumans.

    The fourth part – are all transgender women (who are we talking about in the question?) they love to wear “feminine” clothes. It is unlikely that I will surprise you with another negative answer ))) I know many people who are absolutely not interested in heels and skirts and feel very comfortable in sneakers, jeans and T-shirts. Even, perhaps, I will reveal another secret: there are trans-men (these are those who were considered girls in childhood) who are very fond of women's clothing after the transition. Make the transition, get a beard and a bass, and then have fun crossdressing. The diversity of human sexuality is poorly embedded in any clear schemes and algorithms.

    Final part – is it possible to “develop transsexuality”? There is no doubt that the availability of the necessary information, as well as reducing the stigma of trans people in society, allows more trans people to realize their identity and/or decide to switch. Is it possible to “force” an arbitrary person to make the transition by external influence? Doubtful. I gave a more detailed answer to this question here: Is it possible to make a girl with a straight guy who will like guys, will have a female mind, brain, if you give female hormones?At the same time, the guy did not want to become an mtf?

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