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  1. This phenomenon is similar to deja vu, when a person feels that current events have already happened to him. It is still impossible to accurately explain this phenomenon due to its insufficient study. There are quite a few theories of the emergence of deja vu. According to one of them, it is assumed that the brain mistakenly recognizes an event (dream) as already seen earlier. On the other hand, there is a confusion of short-term and long-term memory. That is, the information “goes away” so quickly in long-term memory that what just happened seems familiar for a long time. Deja vu often happens in a state of stress and overwork.

  2. I in my life very often have dreams and rarely happens what morning that I would wake up and do not remember what dream I had I can tell you in detail in detail. Many of them I remember for a very long time And there are two dreams that I dream of as TV shows these dreams series continue but not regularly can show through not delyu or a month, even after half a year, I already forgot,and then suddenly “continuation of the series”! Most likely, you had a dream for a very long time and you forgot, the human brain is not able to remember everything! So it turns out “Deja Vu dream”

  3. This phenomenon is really observed, as well as in the psychology of deja vu (this is a special French term for what has already been seen). Therefore, this phenomenon slightly coincides with what is observed in a person even without a dream.In fact, this is simply a transformation of objectively obtained information that occurs in the absence of control from the cerebral cortex. The brain during sleep transforms the information that a person receives during wakefulness. It is almost impossible for a person to dream of something that they have never seen, heard, or felt in one way or another. If that was the case, he wouldn't have been able to talk about it. Yes, a person can dream of monsters, but he read about them in fairy tales or watched movies, after which he had a fantasy. And the element of fantasy, which is always present during sleep, can be layered on those objective events and situations that have occurred with a person. Therefore, when this is observed, it is not subject to objective scientific analysis, because there is no way to verify the situation. Because if a child or even an adult talks about a dream, then he can fantasize something.

    It is important to note that sleep is associated with the process of memory consolidation and reconsolidation. During sleep, the processes of both memory consolidation and reconsolidation occur, and this means that it goes from short-term to long-term and vice versa. This happens at the level of the hippocampus of the brain. If we had a dream and the brain recorded and remembered this information, then it is overwritten in its memory, but some part, of course, disappears. That's why when a negative emotional event happens to a person, they say that time heals. This really happens due to the reconsolidation of memory, that is, its gradual erasure.

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