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  1. Conflicting emotions are a consequence of the fact that your unconscious and conscious attitudes and beliefs are in severe conflict with each other.

    For example, you were ridiculously teased in the team. Conscious attitude: “Damn, really funny, laugh hunting!” Unconscious attitude: “I'm a Buggie of the world, no one dares to make fun of me!” Respectively-laughter and rage in one bottle.

    Or vice versa. Conscious mindset: “I have to behave in a way that everyone respects!” Unconscious: “I'm a pea jester in life, what's there …” The effect on the joke is the same.

    This is resolved by identifying your unconscious attitudes and bringing them into line with your conscious ones. Please contact us )

  2. Feelings, of course, are valuable in their own right, as a filling of life (like music, pastry shop, beach, etc.)

    But in general, their purpose is to signal our needs. Often not very (or not at all) realized needs.

    If you have multiple senses at the same time, then you have multiple needs at the same time.

    This is just the norm, by the way – it's just that people most often do not have the skill to be aware of the gamut of their feelings at the moment. If you are also usually not aware, but only sometimes “punches” – well,�

    • or the needs at such moments are strong.�

    • Or the general condition during this period is sensitive (acute sensitivity). For example, due to nervous overload, exhaustion: lack of sleep, stress, exams/poor love/sports overtraining at the same time, for example)))

  3. Very interesting question! I would even say too interesting.

    If you feel relieved and at the same time some unpleasant heaviness; freedom mixed with disgust; joy and anger, then I recommend that you lift up and see if you shit yourself.

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