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  1. Because as a rule, this idea is already clearly suggested, so to speak, floating in the air, and some outstanding people are able to catch it and implement it.

    Another option is that people of approximately the same age, with approximately the same life experience, interests, knowledge, and living in approximately the same environment will think approximately the same way and are able to produce the same invention or book in one period of time, and so on. And yet never know about each other's existence.

    How do you think the Renaissance or any other era in the history of mankind began?

    In general, I mean that such things happen and often such ideas are matured first of all in society, in outstanding people are able to correctly formalize and implement it.

  2. This or that event or its combination can push you to this or that idea

    1. You got into a situation that gave you an idea this can be called a successful course of events .

    2. �Human physiology is different, it can work slower or something .

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