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  1. Because life isn't fair at all. And to sit and think about it is like suffering because it is cold in winter and wet on a rainy day. The beauty of life is that if you think carefully, you can try to make your own life more pleasant.

  2. People often think that everything is better for others: their work, personal life, and their environment. It is better not to pay attention to the “better” life of someone and try to look around for positive things, do not dwell on failures and believe that only good things are ahead. Yes, it sounded corny, but in fact it is.

  3. this may be due to the fact that you pay more attention to your failures than to success (take it for granted). the key factor here is obsession. you're always fixated on yourself or someone else. yes, everything is learned in comparison, but do not go so deep into it. you need to take care of yourself and analyze your defeats and not make a big deal out of a molehill (here I did not succeed, vseeeee, I'm good for nothing, and Vasya Pupkin won how quickly everything turned out, he's cool). it helps me in such situations that I immediately get angry. if there is a situation that I couldn't handle (although I could), but I see that someone coped, I start to get angry and usually this anger gives me the strength to go and do it again and much better (as if a pancake for the evil of everyone and myself). the main thing is not to borscht with it)

  4. It's just that you're IMAGINING it) In fact, you think so, because you need to remove your pessimism. I once heard that thoughts are material, so look at things simply and without any envy for people 🙂

  5. As long as you think that life is unfair to you , and that it is turned towards others and helps in every possible way, then it will be so. Look at the situation from the other side, you don't know what path the other person has taken. In general, change your thinking and look at life positively, then you will see everything differently.

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