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  1. Do the creators of the seventh film know about this?) In general, so far we can only say that the seventh episode of Star Wars is a much simplified version of the fourth episode, and unfortunately, there is no need to talk about any nuances or logic of the development of events since episode VI. The slogan of the film “Every generation has a story” speaks for itself-today's children (a film for children) do not need an old story, they need a new one. Why is the current trilogy specifically for children? Because it is the same in the setting by 90%, but at the same time some points are significantly simplified – The heroine masters strength without any training, only because of “giftedness”, the stormtrooper goes over to the good side after twenty years of training in the killer's case, only after seeing a real battle. Even the Death Star of the third model was destroyed not even by flying through the mine, but simply by using beautiful special effects in the form of shooting DIRECTLY AT ITS SURFACE, a damn reinforced object the size of a planet, a Christmas tree. Compared to this story for the new generation, the original Star Wars was quite a serious thing for older teenagers. I don't think the seventh episode is connected to the previous ones by anything other than the actors, and the mention of Darth Vader has become something of a myth to amuse young viewers (Oh, it's that evil dude in a raincoat, still breathes so ominously and in general he's cool!!! Wow, Kylo Ren wants to be like him too!! It will be interesting!!!) After all, it is unlikely that Kylo Ren, as Ben Solo, never heard about the story of his grandfather from his parents (did Han and Leia tell their son that he died like this, being a villain who remained loyal to the dark side to the end?) Let's see, maybe episodes VIII and IX will explain everything to us in detail and build a new cool story that will become a myth of the new generation? Let's hope so. Life tends to bring surprises)

  2. Perhaps Ben was in the same position as Luke at the beginning of his story. He just doesn't know that Vader is his grandfather. His parents and uncle told him about Anakin Skywalker, who was killed by Darth Vader and later defeated by Luke.

    I think they were not told the whole truth, so as not to traumatize them. Everyone saw how Luke felt when he found out Vader was his father.

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