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  1. A paradox, however))

    Okama's razor teaches us not to look for complex explanations where there are simple ones. The simplest thing in this case is: you are wrong in one of the theses.

    Either you're not nearly as sociable and cheerful as you think you are, or you expect some other type of communication from people that you don't get from them.

    There is also a possibility that your sociability and cheerfulness are carefully hidden, for example, behind shyness or self-doubt. Or on the contrary, your sociability and cheerfulness are not sincere, but you are just used to building such an image, creating visibility, a screen through which you still see the real you.

  2. I agree with my colleague. This is an individual question. Perhaps you subconsciously want to be alone because you are afraid of betrayal. Perhaps you are subconsciously punishing yourself for something, attracting exactly those people who are not interested in you and they are hurting you.

    There may be many reasons, but they are in you, not in other people.

    See a psychologist and you can change your life.

  3. Most people like to communicate with those who have interesting information and know how to present it, are able to listen carefully in certain situations, as well as with those who know how to maintain equality of positions in communication, etc.

    If you have all these qualities, then the problem may be that you do not know how to establish a “comfortable” psychological distance with your interlocutors. People usually react negatively to this.

    Sociability and cheerfulness are important qualities, but not the only ones for successful communication.

    Most often, they refuse to communicate with boring people who speak out of place, do not have psychological tact, are ironic, etc.

    You may be looking for people who don't belong in your own social circle.

  4. Usually all people play games. Unconsciously.

    Most likely, you don't like (don't know how) to play their games, but you want to play your own game, which the people around you don't want to play.


    You impose yourself and “your game”. And she doesn't really engage others, or others aren't as tactful as a loving mom, or they're tired of playing your game because you're overreacting in some way.

    That's where you go overboard – you can ask a close friend. Although you probably have already been hinted at more than once.

  5. I looked at your questions and found there: “How to get rid of strabismus” That may be the answer to your question? Strabismus can discourage people from communicating with you if they are young people. Cheerful is not an indicator yet. It depends on your reading ability, whether you are a good conversationalist, but it depends on this, and not on the fact that you are cheerful and sociable. The Internet is full of interest groups – there is a lot of communication, in my opinion, now there is no problem to find a circle of communication by interests. Of course, if you stick to everyone in the park to chat, then they will not be interested in you, because they did not come there for communication, or for communication, but not with you)

  6. Try to feel the mood of the other, maybe you are too cheerful, watch the interlocutor and with rare exceptions, the person likes to express his own thought,idea, feelings more.Therefore, listeners are always in demand.

  7. Usually people gather not for some important purpose, but to spend time thoughtlessly. Ask them a question that they need to think about before answering, and all their fun and carefree attitude disappears. They won't accept any more questioners into the company. Or maybe the other way around, when people are going to discuss something seriously, and a carefree chatterbox comes to them 🙂

  8. There is no smoke without fire. There's a reason for everything. You can guess without knowing you, but it's no use.

    If you come to my office, we will see what the root of the problem is. This may be a way of speaking, in which there is a lot of passive aggression, for example. People do not notice it behind them and are sure that they are really something , but aggression? Not for me! And it is precisely from such people with a ban on aggression, who never directly expresses it, that she is rushing.

    And there are sooo many subtle nuances.

    Without diagnostics, it will be of little use.

  9. Because a lot of people are fixated on negativity, or on themselves, they are not up to your joy, I have such people all the time, boors and whiners, they are of no use, except disgust, do not communicate with such people, only you will lose time.

  10. No one in the world? Maybe you are trying to communicate with people outside your own circle? Can you stop looking for communication with those who don't really want it, and for the time being do other things: study, work, hobbies?

  11. Something about you is unpleasant to other people, apparently. Or maybe you're just overly stressed. You need to relax, remember that you can joke, smile. Or, on the contrary, something serious to explain sensibly. And everything will be fine. Believe in yourself. Don't be a bore. good luck to you…

  12. Strange… Usually cheerful and sociable people do not experience such problems.

    The New Year is Coming Soon. Try to make a lot of gifts with your own hands. It can be any crafts (cut snowflakes out of paper, bake cookies, buy tangerines – and give them to passers-by…).. And give them to your loved ones, and even strangers on the street.

    If you feel joy from this, then you are really a kind, cheerful and sociable person! And your action is a chance to find new friends and socialize. Good luck!

  13. maybe because your environment has different interests ? what is interesting and funny to you may not be interesting to them at all …look at people's reactions and translate the topic … than toldychit about the same thing for example …look for people with common interests to have something to talk about …..something like that …. and you can also be considered stupid or strange or yes, anyone can be considered … yes, and from the position of the victim is not the best option to start dating they say with me no one communicates talk to me …. I understand that you need support, but this is a limited resource and not everyone is ready to distribute it right and left to strangers …

  14. Maybe that's why they don't communicate, which is even very much….you score all of them. People most often communicate to tell something of their own that interests them, and not to listen to the interlocutors. Try to listen, and then try to hear the person. Learn, it's not easy. Good luck!

  15. If no one is communicating with you, how did you realize that you are very sociable? Is there something you're not telling me?
    I'm just trying to make sense of the problem.
    Or maybe everything has already changed for you in two years?

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