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  1. Similar questions are quite common.

    The magnetic field can be seen. Not with my eyes, of course. We have methods and instruments that can not only detect it, but also measure it. And the result will not depend on who is looking for it.

    Therefore, the magnetic field is a matter of knowledge, and the soul is a matter of faith. Maybe someday the soul will be found, but for now.

  2. The existence of a magnetic field is not something that no one doubts, even, moreover, there were and are serious doubts about it, but simply the theory of the electromagnetic field perfectly explains the actually observed physical phenomena. You see, science is based on real observations. Then a hypothesis is put forward, which is a model that explains the observations. Then, based on this model, the results of observations that have not yet been made are predicted. If this is confirmed, and repeatedly, then they say that a new theory has emerged. So the theory of the electromagnetic field perfectly explains and predicts a whole class of observed phenomena. However, this is, as I said, just a model. That is, to put it more accurately, it would be necessary to say that objects in the world behave as if there were an electromagnetic field in nature.

    Delving into the topic leads to some doubts about the actual existence of such a field. Where, for example, do such topics as particle-wave dualism arise? All these are physical models that describe reality well and fairly accurately, but do not claim to be absolutely true, but only that they are a good description of the world within certain boundaries, which are called the limits of applicability of the theory.

    As for the soul, first of all, you are not quite right: there are many people (and some of them, by the way, even among physicists) who believe in the existence of the soul. And, secondly, unlike science, neither the soul (at least until now), nor any phenomena that cannot be explained in any way, if the existence of the soul is denied, has ever been observed with the help of means of objective control or any measuring devices. I.e., so far the soul is a pure object of faith. Some intuitively believe that it exists, others believe that it does not. But no measurement or observation confirms or refutes its existence. Therefore, everyone is free to choose their position on this issue and to believe or not to believe in the existence of the soul. Science will deal with this issue and, accordingly, build models (such as a magnetic field) not before objectively observed phenomena appear that suggest the existence of the soul.

  3. By the term “soul” I mean the set of all human emotions, the whole spectrum of which it is capable. Each emotion emits (through the brain) electromagnetic radiation of a certain frequency and amplitude. Positive emotions generate high – frequency and high-amplitude radiation, while negative emotions generate low-frequency and low-amplitude radiation (close to infrasound).
    The soul is the connection of a person (spirit) with his body, a source of electromagnetic and kinetic energy.
    When there is a clear definition of the term, then there is knowledge, faith is no longer needed. People do not believe in the existence of the soul due to the fact that there is no single definition of the concept of “soul”, but there is a definition of the concept of “magnetic field”.

  4. At a minimum, everyone at the level of “something is” believes in the existence of the soul. The reason is personal feelings, intuition, subconscious.

    As a maximum, there is confidence for scientific and practical system considerations – the “human” system should have an “energy-information control center” for the body and be responsible for such a connection with the environment and Nature.

  5. The answer is simple: the magnetic field is a real-world phenomenon. Its properties and its effect do not depend in any way on faith or unbelief, on a person's knowledge or ignorance. From understanding or misunderstanding. The electric motor will not stop working if the user does not understand its design and operating principles. The real world is one and the same for everyone.

    “soul” is a phenomenon of the virtual world. And there can be as many virtual worlds as you want. Even within the confessions of one faith, the concept of the” soul ” is not the same. And in different religions, and at all. And as a phenomenon of the virtual world ,the “soul” requires faith. If there is no faith, then the idea of the “soul” can not affect anything. In particular, it affects human behavior and decision-making.

    The question is not really psychological, but philosophical. The laws of the real world operate independently of knowledge, belief, and understanding. Virtual world objects require “faith” in order to influence something in the real world (through human behavior and decision-making).

  6. Soul – has no material manifestation, because this, if you try to compare it with a congruent concept, is the ORDER in which the material is built. And even more precisely, the ORGANIZATION of matter. The human soul is organized, ordered throughout life, having 2 influences: human and originally laid down by the creator. The latter is like a computer's BIOS. Basic set for linking the material with the puzzled. The soul is the body's Charter. As a Rule, this is the soul of the army… He answered briefly.

  7. Probably because they are forced to believe in the existence of the field. In fact, no fields exist, and due to the paucity of thinking, nothing else was suggested. It is more logical to assume that magnetic fluxes occur in space, and not two different phenomena – the field and the lines of force in it.

  8. Because the soul doesn't attract steel filings.

    Because perfume is not the same as magnetize.

    Because the soul cannot be measured and corrected by action

  9. Probably because recognizing the magnetic field doesn't affect your lifestyle in any way. A person can think that the magnetic field exists and continue to live the life that they like, even if it is immoral.

    And the recognition of the soul's existence has certain consequences. Especially if it is eternal. Now you can no longer live without looking back to eternity, you will have to live morally.

  10. But of course there is something in this. A bunch of physicists flew in, oh, they say the fool does not know physics. The magnets are real. You can trade them, even pinch your finger, if you pull out a powerful magnet from the hard disk and bring it to the vacuum cleaner.
    No, I don't think the soul exists. The soul is a beautiful fantasy of eternity. The soul is a consequence of the inability to recognize itself as 80 billion neurons connected in a system of electrical interactions. We live in a kind of three-dimensional dimension x, y, z but these are not all axes, there are others, the time axis, the mass axis. An axis whose values we
    can't influence. But if there are these, there may be others.
    Everything in this world is logical. Thanks to this, we can build theories that predict certain phenomena that are confirmed experimentally.
    In nature, too, everything obeys logic. If we look at the giraffe and its neck, we can assume that it has a big heart. Even if they didn't know about it. Blood must flow to the head, to push it there will require a powerful “motor”. That's what we'll find inside if we check it out. If everything is logical and there is nothing superfluous in nature. Perhaps the pineal gland in our brain is an organ that connects us to a certain information field (an assumption based on the fact that the pineal gland was found to contain dmt). After all, if this world (field) has no common points of contact other than our “altered consciousness”, then it is probably not surprising that we do not know anything about it. Religion has always told us about a different place. Who knows, perhaps this “faith” is based on something more than the fear of death and the unknown. Perhaps some unknown top knows a little more than we think. And it builds a monopoly on this knowledge. Think about why everything related to psychedelic experiences is strictly prohibited at the legislative level. And not only in our enlightened age, but also many centuries ago.
    It is known for certain that eating fly agarics was common among the Scandinavian Vikings – this added to their fearlessness in battle. It is logical to assume that the closest neighbors of the Vikings-the Northern Slavs, experimented with hallucinogenic mushrooms. Until the Christian Church came and forced them to abandon psilocybes as “unclean pagan” customs
    Источник: https://gribysobiraem.info/psilocibinovyj-grib-v-rossii-zapreshhyonnyj-klyuch-k-tainstvam-vselennoj/
    Then they were taken in by the church, and in our days the UN (now psilocybes have begun to study a little bit. In an interview
    Paul Stemets visiting Joe Rogan
    say that psilocybs in small doses stimulate neurogenesis, and this could significantly advance the treatment of brain damage, these are not nootropics sniffed out by formaceptical giants)
    It is also not at all clear why alcohol is allowed and marijuana is banned (Now used in medicine, including the treatment of depression and other similar diseases. But this is in the West, we still have the old-fashioned way, simple ethyl alcohol in various proportions destroys brain cells. We know that all grief is from the mind) It is strange that religion condemned these plant surfactants even before the birth of medical norms. Although logically, mushrooms and grass are created by God, just like everything else in the world. And the wine we were treated with is clearly a man-made drink made from decaying grapes. Which is clearly the handwriting of the evil tempter))))
    I don't know what kind of “destructive” knowledge they are protecting us from, which is why throughout history the church has hindered the development of medicine and promoted the one God. But it seems to me that over time, viewing the world only from the “physical side” will become a “limited worldview”.
    Here's a link to the fan
    P. s. I'm still a scholar from school, please excuse me if something is wrong))

  11. The magnetic field is a manifestation of the material World.

    The soul is a manifestation of the immaterial World.

    Nothing is known about the immaterial World at all. There is only one hypothesis: if the immaterial World affects the material world, then this can be established experimentally. And to do this, it is necessary to establish a violation of the predetermined course of the process in the material world. But this is very difficult to detect. Modern science can't do it. All I had the brains to do was test the existence of the material soul. And the meaning of the soul, if it is the same predestined entity???!!!

    Is such knowledge even necessary in our material world?

    After all, on the one hand, in a predetermined World, a thinking being is nothing more than a robot, but we do not feel like robots. Why does a robot need consciousness? Simple understanding.

    On the other hand, if the souls of people affect the material world, then why is all this carefully hidden from the consciousness of the people living here? Maybe there is a reason for this?

  12. This is a question of terminology. What do you mean by a magnetic field and what do you mean by the term “soul”?

    The magnetic field is more or less defined, fixed, and clearly described. Moreover, when they say “magnetic field”, the overwhelming majority means a very clear definition of a physical phenomenon. When we say” soul”, we come across a great variety of concepts and meanings of this word, depending on the context. “Soul of the house”, “soul of the tree”, “soulless person” and vice versa “soulful person”, “deep in the soul”…If we talk about the religious meaning of this word, then, as we have already noted, this is more a matter of faith than knowledge. In this sense, the soul is already related to consciousness, or even equivalent to it. But…. here are the questions of the dogmas of the church. Each denomination has its own. You're drowning for Orthodoxy, and then I have a question for you, Mary : do dogs have souls? And the cats? And the hedgehog? And the fish? and so on – down to germs. According to the Orthodox canons, the answer should be-no. Well, then explain to me how a person is better than a dog.

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