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  1. Reality can't frighten you because you don't know it. Are you afraid of its existence and the inevitability of coming for you or manipulative horror stories

  2. It scares us because not all things in our life we can control, we can not be sure that in 2 hours,tomorrow there will not be circumstances that can somehow negatively affect us. If we could avoid anything, we wouldn't be afraid. In general, the formation of “reality” is influenced by TV, the Internet, mass media, newspapers, anything from where we get information, and not always this” reality ” pleases. It is NOT necessary to transfer all possible scenarios of events that are shown to us, imposed on us, to your life. This is stupidity bordering on paranoia. Create your own reality and your own life. Then nothing will frighten you.

  3. You have increased anxiety and a tendency to paranoia. The reality is the same for everyone, but it scares some, pleases others, and entertains others.

    Our attitude to reality is 90% dependent on the processes occurring in our brain and only 10% on what is really happening around us.

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