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  1. Demagoguery is nothing more than populism.The cheapest way for a politician to gain popularity.Without offering anything sensible, the demagogue will tell the crowd what they want to hear,will promise golden mountains and a wall on the border with migrants.Ash stump that such a person does not have a clearly formulated plan, and the end results are deplorable.
    In addition, demagoguery is the most important lever of power in dictatorial regimes.

  2. Because you just pour water – don't say anything, say a bunch of things. Who likes people who can only talk? No one, right.

  3. it is necessary to refer to the meaning of the word “demagogy”. To put it simply, demagoguery is the manipulation of a person with long, lengthy speeches, replete with specially made logical errors, such as, for example, “straw scarecrow”: the person deliberately distorts your position so that it is easier to challenge.

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