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  1. Wine can be depressing for two reasons:
    1. You drink to make yourself happy – and at the very beginning it seems to be more fun, and then it rolls back. And sadness, sadness. And the more fun it was at first, the stronger the pullback. Wine doesn't keep you happy for a long time – sports, music, and good communication work better.
    2. You don't drink properly 🙂 Not by studying the wine, but simply by absorbing the product. There is a tasting scheme “eye-nose-mouth-general assessment”. Wine is gradually tasted, with the study of appearance, with the search for what flavors it has, with sorting out situations and products in your mind that it is suitable for. That's when it becomes interesting and pleasant – not only physically, but also emotionally.

  2. Because wine is the drink of esthetical snobs, petty-bourgeois decadents and ladies not of the first freshness, who lack a man.

    And the drink of joy is beer! Would the Vikings have been the greatest warriors and adventurers of their time if they'd had a cabernet sauvignon in a Bordeaux glass waiting for them in Valhalla, instead of unlimited beer and a friendly brawl? Yes, never!

  3. Because alcohol only enhances the basic emotion, not replaces it. Therefore, people are mostly in groups of at least three, and preferably more. Then alcohol enhances the atmosphere of communication and personal melancholy fades into the background. Until everyone gets drunk of course,)

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