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  1. I believe that the question here is not a broad philosophical one, but a purely personal and acute one, but without more detailed data, I will answer in general.

    In my opinion, partners (regardless of gender, age, type of relationship, and the number of people involved) get bored with each other for two reasons.

    1. Purely biological – our brain is designed in such a way that it has pairs of opposing centers for each object of interest. The simplest example is the interaction of the hunger center and the satiety center.

    When our blood glucose levels are low and our stomach isn't stretched, which means it's empty, the hunger center kicks in, directing all of our behavior toward food production and absorption. However, as blood glucose increases and the stomach expands under the pressure of food, the satiety center turns on and suppresses the hunger center in such a way that it does not lead us to death from gluttony and gives us the opportunity to think and want something other than food.

    The same thing happens in relationships with people – interest in them does not grow in a straight line and is not stable, it moves along a sinusoid. Attempts to counteract this inherent mechanism of fluctuating interest lead to negative reactions.

    1. Psychological – over time, we get used to the fact that the partner is close, he feels good with us… we begin to take it for granted, for granted. We stop being interested in the thoughts, words, and actions of the partner's infatuation, based on the fact that a). he is there just because, b). we already know everything about him, he won't tell us anything new, he can't change.

    This is how we lose interest in our partner, don't listen, treat them with disdain, and… eventually lose interest in them.

    Most often, this process is mutual, though uneven.

    Well, this is-in a nutshell))

  2. The fact is that a person cannot stand still. It either progresses or degrades. Partners should develop equally ( I don't mean financially ), and it should be interesting to work with you. As an example: Vasya and Marina met in the 9th grade of a rural school. Shakily valko finished and moved to the city. Vasya became a bandit, and new “values of the city”were quickly instilled in him. Masha remained the same simple girl from the village. Vasya was bored with her. If Masha had changed ( she would have become more bitchy, impudent, etc.), their interests in each other would not have been exhausted. The example is of course stupid but the main idea I hope is clear

  3. Reasons for losing interest in the item:

    • reaching the goal (the top is reached, but there is nothing behind it);
    • object's mismatch with expectations(skeletons and cockroaches: stupidity or abstraction, talkativeness, sexual passivity/activity, unpleasant relatives…);
    • the object's selfish behavior (it wants your money, your connections, your soul…);
    • lack of reciprocity (for love, as for tango, you need two).

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