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  1. To live your own life, you need to have a clear idea of what it is like – is it YOUR OWN life? That is, you need to understand yourself: your needs, your desires, and-most importantly-your capabilities, your limitations. It is necessary not to depend on someone else's opinion, even a very authoritative one. You need the skill to resist the propaganda of the “lifestyle” and all sorts of marketing tricks of multinational companies. And all this is not available to every person, especially while he is very young and just starting to build a life.

    Very many people organize their lives according to the principle “like everyone else”,” as it should be”,”no worse than people”. They will take a very long time (sometimes – and never) to think about the fact that what they have is not what they would like to have. And the later a person understands this , the harder it is to change something.

    In addition, external factors should also be taken into account: well, it will not be possible for EVERYONE to be rich, famous, self-sufficient and respectable: the system will not allow it.

    But there are not so few people who live THEIR own lives.

  2. Because in order to follow the lives of other people on TV or the Internet and discuss them, it does not require any effort on your part and watching, discussing other people, the one who does this feels a false sense of self-importance due to the fact that he believes that he has the right to evaluate the behavior and mistakes of another person against which

  3. Because people don't know what their life is and how to live it in general.

    And how can we know whether we are living our own life or not? No one will tell us this, except for charlatans.

    I immediately remembered the phrase:

    “Whatever you take away from a person-he will always survive, whatever you don't give him – it will always be not enough.”

  4. There are many reasons for this, but the main ones are the desire to make the lives of their children better, although this leads to great harm and excessive accusations, or the desire to “earn” the respect of society, which is quite difficult and almost impossible

  5. Because this path requires perseverance, stubbornness, and concentration.And these values are more likely to frighten a person than intrigue.And really agree better in a chaise longue to swing with a glass of Hennessy…than to chop clay with a shovel.

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