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  1. Such people are not psycholically mature, (read about this), weak – after all, it is easier, easier to be angry, rude, disrespectful, indifferent. And the strength is in what: in kindness, respect, patience, attitude to other people with love, as for yourself. Life on the principle of ” what you don't want to do to yourself, don't do to others.” Moved away from the topic, sorry)). And they behave this way because the social environment has taught them so. “As everyone communicates, so will I.” Rarely does anyone think about not following the lead of the majority. I am also concerned about this question. After all, if you take as a basis for communication respect and kindness, and even love for others, the world will change. And so, I see 3 good reasons to behave this way: immaturity, weakness, and the influence of the environment. Oh, yes, and the fourth one: a person doesn't think… Lives and does not think about how to communicate better, more efficiently and intelligently. I repeat, ” if this is how everyone communicates, then I will also do it.” People don't see other communication, don't know how to do it differently, and if they do, they don't show it. They do not see any prospects for communicating with kindness and respect, although such communication is much better.

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