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  1. I'll tell you exactly what's in my head.

    I do not want to leave this world, because it is always interesting to watch what is happening around. Political games, quarrels, intrigues, investigations, books, movies, the Internet, sports-all this keeps us here and makes us watch, biting our nails and thinking: “what will happen next? And what is it? We need to study it!”

    If a person is in a very bad situation, for example, born in Syria, Afghanistan or just in bankruptcy and poverty, then he will still struggle, because he really wants to watch all the interesting things, to feel what a person in a safe position can feel.

    Feeling at least somehow comfortable, a person does not want to disappear, because he understands that he has no idea what awaits him after death. This is somewhat reminiscent of the situation in authoritarian countries with a low quality of life: “what will happen if Vasya Pupkin leaves the post of president? The situation may get worse, BUT WHAT IF THEY START STEALING MORE?”

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