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  1. Because hysteria is one of the ways of manipulation. When a person is either unable to agree, or wants to sit on the neck of another and drink all the juices from him. I am a rather calm and gentle person and I don't like the hustle and bustle of life. I don't want to hear tantrums next to me, unless something terrible has happened and the person simply “lost his temper”. But if this happens regularly, then you probably need to go to a psychiatrist.

  2. Apparently, because a hysterical person is an irritating factor, and our body tries to avoid such stimuli in everything, so as not to “strain the nervous system” once again, “wearing out” it.

  3. If there is an opinion here, and not a theory, then I can try. First, why don't they like it? This feeling often appears quite fake. But of course, many people cannot suffer from this forever. As a rule, any incomprehensible embarrassments in a relationship with a hysterical woman lead to some kind of break, maybe even not at all real,but somehow a person has time to think “do I need it?”. In fact, if a girl does not take out her depressive states on others,but for example can pour out somewhere quietly and peacefully, then she has not bad chances, because imho, they do not just become hysterical, but from some other qualities, i.e. as far as I have observed, they have positive qualities that are often absent from hysterics. For example, loyalty, or the desire to make some step to the meeting first(overstepping your pride, especially if the breakup was due to a stupid tantrum), interest in improving yourself for something, but all this can just go to 3 funny letters, when scandals become impossibly stupid(if the guy is still trying not to step on the same rake and listens completely to what bombs the passion, and bomb it will be FOREVER and from EVERYTHING), and the hysterical I also noticed that hysterics in any respect(girlfriend,girlfriend,relative) never sincerely apologize. It's probably just my bad luck,but it could be anything but an apology… And sometimes, if you pretend that you are offended by something or because of something you made a decision(for example, you made a scandal-decided that you need at least a day off from each other), then you can see as a sense of guilt another scandal that will not end until the first dilemma is solved. Perhaps this is just my bad experience and there are those who will easily change my mind,but my personal opinion is that relationships with such people take EVERYTHING, and often unconsciously on the part of the girl, but she takes everything and rapes the brain,so it's better not to. Although once you have been in a relationship with such a person for a long time, you can see them from a kilometer away,so this may be a useful experience,but it is very painful in fact. IMHO

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