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  1. Someone was considered, someone not at all.

    1. In a patriarchal society, men generally have more power, by definition. Those who gain power over others: even army grandfathers, even slave owners, even occupiers, want to perceive themselves as good, moral, and at the same time push around people who are no worse than them. This is solved quite universally: through the psychological protection of “devaluation”, dehumanization of those who are pushed around. Like, they're not really human. “A chicken is not a bird, a woman is not a person.”

    2. The second mechanism is counter. Both, by the way, are well researched in social psychology, see any textbook. – Girls start to BELIEVE that they are less capable of math, etc. In other words, gender stereotypes become a powerful suggestion, a “self-fulfilling prophecy”. Similar things were clearly observed in relation to racial stereotypes.�

    Well, finally. It's cool to believe that I'm better/smarter, etc. just because I'm a nobleman, or a Papuan, or a man, or I know where the accent in the word “calls” is)))

  2. SO it was – the limited and incapable, the cunning men and the stupid would-be philosophers –

    they are the ones who have brought civilization to the current catastrophic impasse, from which women can offer a very simple and effective way out.

  3. Because society was at that stage of development when muscle power was the main means of survival, and war was the main means of interaction. This means that those who had more physical strength had the opportunity to earn more money and protect themselves better. Naturally, a woman is unable to kill a bull and take it to the market, cut down and uproot trees to free up land for arable land, and she is also unable to protect herself from enemy raids (besides, she is either pregnant or nursing a baby for almost half her life).

    And if a woman is physically and economically weaker, then she can dictate terms. She can be married off at any age to anyone. It can be taken to any locality and kept there in captivity and periodically raped. What will she do to you?

    And, of course, why would a cook and cleaning lady need an education? It costs resources, and resources are distributed by the person who gets them. So darn your mother's socks and keep your mouth shut.

    And with the development of technological progress and the emergence of jobs where it was necessary to work less and less with muscles, and more and more with the head, women began to gain more and more rights and influence in society.

  4. Let's look at the way people live in a society slightly more complex than the simplest Neolithic community. But also not modern, with electricity, gas, finished products, etc.

    In such a society, in order to have something to eat, drink, etc., someone has to stay at home continuously. Heat the stove, cook food, look after small children, etc. Keep spinning all day, ladies and gentlemen! And someone – to do something on the sidelines. And, as a rule, something that requires physical strength. So, it's just more convenient for a woman to stay at home. And for small children to watch, and… and monthly, with physical weakness, men do not happen, and pregnant men do not happen. And, by the way, such an important function as reproduction is much easier to break for a woman with physical exertion than for a man. So the distribution of roles took place.

    By the way, about “considered incapable”. Question: Incapable of what? There is a lot of information that in the Middle Ages, before the turn of Modern times, in the wealthy (especially in the “noble”) families of Western Europe, it was women who were responsible for”home accounting”. Literally. With the ability to count :=). It is somewhere in the 18th century that the theory began to be established that knowledge makes a woman's health worse, even to the point of insanity and infertility.

  5. Nature gives strength and intelligence to each living being as much as it needs for life. A woman is given as much as she needs for procreation, raising children, and farming. Male earner, defender, hunter, builder, master. You need much more intelligence and strength. Nothing personal, that's the way the world works. It is stupid to look everywhere for equality, it has never been and will never be. Men and women are a symbiosis that harmoniously complements each other. Only degenerates (feminists, perverts of different stripes) oppose women and men.

  6. It all depends on who gives the grades. If you ask men about women, you will get the same answer as in your question.
    If you ask a woman about men, they will say something about the same. And why does this happen?
    Everything is elementary simple. The biosphere (read God, cosmos, etc.) created us completely different specifically because we are responsible for solving different problems in family life and in life in general.
    What is the difference:
    1. Men are muscular, strong, strong – their task is to protect, get food, carry heavy loads. A woman is weaker, but more hardy, resilient, and can perform monotonous work for a long time. Her task is to perform monotonous monotonous work from day to day. A man can't do that. It needs to solve a variety of new solutions. Therefore, in the course of evolution, as a result of the division of labor, this division has deepened even more.
    2. We have different sex hormones in the body. Therefore, the unconditional reflex of procreation pushes into each other's arms. This is called heterosexual sexual relations. Which translates to relationships between different sexes. True, there are homosexual relationships. This is a mistake of nature. When outwardly male, and sex hormones prevail female. Sometimes you look like a woman, but because of the predominance of male sex hormones behaves like a man.
    3. According to the laws of nature, our interests should be completely different and not overlap. Here in the family, when there are absolute heterosexuals, then the families are stable and permanent and everyone envies them. Because of the format, you won't be able to describe all the relationship options in this article.
    Conclusion: Women who are real and not limited. Their male mind will only interfere with their lives. Their task is to marry a real man. Conquer it with your femininity, weakness, defenselessness and then the man himself will solve all the questions that his woman will put before him.
    And it will create the maximum conditions for comfortable living for him, so that he is healthy, strong, and has a high potency. Such a man for his beloved will do everything that is necessary.
    Notice that a man takes inspiration from a woman and does everything to win her over. And she enjoys the fruits of his labor.
    So who is smarter, more cunning, quirkier, more practical and more adapted to life? A woman, of course. Because a woman is much more important to nature than a man. The role of the male is small, fertilized and free. But a woman carries a fetus for nine months – her future, then feeds her child. Life shows that it is easy for her to do this without a man.
    I am a man and I say to all men do not be proud, we are an auxiliary tool in nature for prolonging the race, and the main one is a WOMAN!
    I think so. and you?

  7. because for thousands of years there has been and continues to be a struggle for power.
    And the best in this fight have always been men. Strong, smart and purposeful.
    but self-interest and ambition to be better than others in everything, always turned them into a blind tool of those who manipulated people for centuries and created the history of mankind.

    but even the best puppets of their masters , no no, yes, and fell in love, and sometimes really fell in love with women – a storehouse of male happiness.
    And it was this love that transformed men, cleansed them of vain self-love and nurtured in them a sense of responsibility and care. Awareness of the meaning of life and how to live this life correctly.
    With her Love, a woman nurtured and inspired masculinity, ideas and the best aspirations in men's souls, making them open and free.

    And this is exactly what became an insurmountable obstacle and a“ dried bone in the throat ” of manipulators.

    And the most important thing for them was to eliminate this obstacle.
    But, due to human nature, the physical destruction of women is unacceptable, as it turned out to be the collapse of everything.
    therefore, the far-fetched relegation of women to a level lower than men, to the level of service and comfort, turned out to be the most effective means of raising male swagger, and an instrument of hardening his soul.
    thus deprived of the happiness of loving and being inspired, the male soul was covered only by a surrogate of contentment from carnal satisfaction, losing the strength and energy of the female soul that turned him into the creator of his fate and the caring father of his family.

    And the result of this manipulation we see at the present time, these are
    soulless puppets selling everyone and everything for the sake of their own status and feeding troughs in a “warm place“
    and brainless puppets of business, whose relentless thirst for profit at any cost closes their common sense and the opportunity to at least think about the consequences of their actions.
    and cowardly, zombie puppets, whose gaze does not go beyond the boundaries of their own comfort, creating a small world with the only slogan “bread and circuses“
    and all this bleak picture is compounded by the fact that manipulators have worked productively and continue to work not only on the male consciousness. Their ” tentacles“ are firmly attached and tirelessly poison the feminine principle.
    from the submissive domostroya and not “women's business”, to the relentless pursuit of fashion in the hope of using artificial embellishments and all sorts of overlays on your body, to find ” royal happiness“.

    there is nothing easier than managing a soulless and unthinking household.
    the most valuable and real slave is the one who, in all the madness that is taking place now on general zombification and fooling society to the level of a herd, calmly exists and thinks of himself as a free, civilized and law-abiding person.

  8. No need to invent anything and fantasize. To answer this question, you need to turn to the holy scriptures and find out what they say about this.
    And it says the following: a woman is six times smarter than men, all the best qualities of men can be revealed thanks to a woman, a woman is the keeper of the family hearth and the mistress of the house, a woman is the inspiration and driving force of a man. But the only thing she lacks is the intelligence that men have. Therefore, for the common good and balance, a woman should take a subordinate position to a man. If misunderstood, it may seem that the rights of women are violated by numerous religious scriptures. That is why so much is devoted to describing the situation of women in all religions of the world. The psyche of women is compared to the energy of a nuclear explosion, while it is not able to take responsibility for itself. There's a man for that.
    It's a bit messy, but I think the point is clear. It should be added that all this applies to specially trained and knowledgeable men and women. Otherwise, we have what we have. Feminism, LGBT people, divorce, single mothers or fathers, abandoned children, infidelities, etc. etc.

  9. Every living creature on the planet earth, for its niche of survival, has not only the appropriate anatomy, but also instructions for using anatomy (bioproshika). Women, like all living organisms, have their own bioproshika, where performing it does not pursue male goals in the form of military art, invention, etc. That's why from a male point of view, it seems that everyone is stupid, but in reality they just do their tasks and survive on it, where judging by the thriving feminism they are doing very well.

    To understand the female functioning environment (niche), look at her roles in the tribe and pack with M: cooking and storing food, gathering, treating, monitoring the perimeter while M is resting, nurturing offspring, passing survival skills to offspring, etc. You can say with the metaphor M is the captain and officer on the ship, and G is the officer in the field of nurturing and sailor any fuss.

    That is, nature initially sharpened the officer's specialization listed above, and the tasks of M were not included in its biological sphere of thinking. Which has been repeatedly noted by all sorts of sages at all times and is full of all sorts of contemporaries, but unscientific other formulations as I described.

    PS: consultation on the analysis of the structure of relationships with women in comparison with the natural constructive norm and the current design of the client = for now 500 rubles per hour.

  10. The point, I think, is that for thousands of years, the main task of women was to reproduce their own kind. The mortality rate was high, so multiple births were necessary for the survival of the community. The vast majority of women began to give birth early, at the beginning of reproductive age, which is 13-15 years, and continued throughout their active life. Up to this age, they received only the skills necessary for farming and raising children, and at that time it was oh so not easy. And after that, when you are pregnant, breastfeed another child, and there are still a few dozen heels around and also asks to eat, you are not up to philosophy, politics and other high matters. All this created a stereotype that women are weak and no longer capable of anything, which was held not only by men, but also by women, and which is still very tenacious. Moreover, a strong and intelligent woman was perceived as “unfeminine”, intimidated and thus repelled men, which also did not add to the desire of ladies to show their abilities even in those strata of society in which the burden of caring for offspring was not so great.

  11. In fact, men ONLY create because of women! It is the feminine energy that encourages fulfillment and creativity. In fact, without women, ALL men's knowledge would be useless (and would not be realized). A woman doesn't have to generate ideas to change the world. The feminine principle gives strength for embodiment. This is the highest harmony of the universe: ONE WANTS to create, and THE OTHER GIVES energy for implementation. Without women, men would be like passive beings. Imagine some visionary who “conceived this” or “that.”.. In practice, it will have – ZERO. The point is that someone should encourage the dreamer to take his ass off the couch.

  12. Because both women and men are limited by their own, let's call them instincts .

    Male instincts are sexual and aggression directed to the outside world.

    The female instinct is motherhood and family.

    Accordingly, based on this, preferences in self-realization are formed, and genders are built on the basis of this – women are engaged in the home/children, men prefer competition in the outside world.

    Based on the latter , men believe that women are engaged in more mundane, simple tasks, children, family, while they decide the fate of the world outside.

  13. They were artificially kept in this state and this is correct, because their biological task is to give birth to children, that is, to ensure the reproduction of the population. And as soon as they were equalized in their rights, all populations (and the more developed they are, the faster and more accurately) began to disappear in number. And-that's it!!! Feminism is the face of the end of humanity, at least the part of it where it will develop.

    As for women's self-realization, outstanding women have always found their way to the top, in any system. Fortunately for humanity, there weren't many of them.


    When Talleyrand was asked what he would like to become in his subsequent (reincarnation) life: Rome Pope, king, Prime Minister…, he replied: A WOMAN! However, it has a power that is not available to any of the listed figures.

  14. because a woman's interests come from the maternal instinct-family and children. Mundane. A man's interests revolve around elements of the external world and competition in it.

  15. You can argue about justice as much as you want, but the fact remains that it was patriarchy that gave humanity development to our level, and now there is a mass extinction of nations where equality of both sexes has gone. We are now witnessing the decline of European civilization and, on the contrary, we will raise the number of countries with patriarchy. All Europe is in the Arabs, Africans, etc. Women have no biological goal to become scientists, great warriors, etc. Their goal is to give birth to such people. The more rights and education women have, the lower the birth rate. Perhaps we will come up with an incubator for the birth of people, then the matriarchy can survive, but this will lead to the disappearance of the sexes, there will be one middle gender.

  16. Everything is simple. Women are by nature weaker, more cowardly, more suggestible, and more short-sighted than men. Because of this, they are not inclined to control themselves, they are alien to honor, dignity, wisdom, nobility, self-sacrifice. The shortcomings of their nature did not allow them to survive on their own. Women's freedoms, rights and influence were significantly strengthened only during periods of prosperity and stability, which are weak only during sedentary life (cities, metropolises). So, yes, there are princesses, and empresses, and saltychikhs with jeannamid'ark. Well, and annykarenina with madambovari. However, among nomads, women do not have a chance to advance, because nomadic life is associated with constant danger to life, and then a woman is of little use. Therefore, Daenerys Targaryen's career among the Dothraki in the TV series “Game of Thrones” is simply ridiculous. In reality, no one obeyed her.

    As for the philosophers, they were just observing people, so they came to such a disappointing conclusion, that's all. If we talk about the current state of affairs, then we should not think that sexual justice has finally been restored, and women have received the well-deserved recognition. No. The women were exactly the same as they were. Their contribution to the well-being of humanity is negligible. Except that they are very good at puffing out their cheeks and consuming. Well, they did not get all their rights and freedoms thanks to a hard fight. On the contrary, it is again the “fault” of men. It is in the eyes of men that a woman has always been a value. Because love, family, tae dae. Because for the sake of a woman, you can live, and life finds fullness, meaning and purpose. So it is easiest for a man to feel like a knight, that is, a full-fledged person (“a real man”, as such comrades say). Today, all this has resulted in the cult of mother, child, and sex. And women, as befits insatiable creatures, took it for granted, began to abuse the location of the male world, demanding even more. Therefore, feminism and other bestiality of “free and independent”emerged.

  17. You know, from time immemorial we have this: if one person is even slightly higher than another person, then he does not value this person anymore, and the larger the gap, the worse it is, even to the point that he does not perceive others as anything other than ants swallowing dust from under his feet.

  18. I know, but I don't want to answer, because it's pointless.:)

    Feminists throw slippers, androphiles throw bolts.

    The question “why” is put incorrectly, because it is far from life. The whole dispute turns into a search for “who is to blame” and goes away from the truth. More specifically, the topic could be covered by the question “why”, that is, “for what purpose”.

  19. First of all, this is not true. First, you need to specify where, when, in what society, in what form. The roles of the sexes may have changed among different peoples and in different time periods. For example, in the Stone Age, a woman of childbearing age was the reproductive core of the clan, she was protected much more than a man. Does this mean that she ruled the tribe? Of course not. And does this mean that the man was expendable, and the woman was more important? Definitely so. The tribe's well-being was determined by the number of healthy women.

    The problems of finding a place for women in society appeared only at the beginning of the 20th century. Why? It's very simple. For centuries, society has struggled to survive. Back in the late 19th century, the average life span was 37-38 years. That's how much the average man was given to grow up, start a family and offspring, build a house, master a profession, and so on and so forth. First of all, this is the level of medicine and child mortality: about half of children died before the age of 3 from diseases or malnutrition. People then treated infant mortality much more simply, and newborns were not even considered people. Yes, absolutely seriously, and in Russia too. But even in adulthood, anything could kill. Measles, pneumonia, and even a bad tooth could cause complications. Hygiene was very simple, and they had very vague ideas about infectious diseases. And the world was much more dangerous, ranging from wild animals that could appear literally on the doorstep, and ending with wars. Modern women really like to forget that the family had to be protected, and this is the role of a man.

    We have lived in such conditions for centuries. To preserve and support the tribe societypeople, they married very early and immediately began to give birth to a bunch of children. 8-10 children per woman is the norm, half may survive. And life is short and can end at any time. From here, disregard for other people's lives, a rather cynical attitude towards each other, especially towards other classes.

    Summing up, do you seriously believe that a woman with such obligations will be brought up somehow differently than with the duty to give birth and raise children?

    Everything has changed with the development of technological progress. Labor productivity has increased dramatically. It is no longer necessary to keep a large part of society in poverty, because there are not enough benefits for everyone. Medicine and, especially, pharmacology have developed. Life expectancy has increased dramatically. No more dying from childhood illnesses. Technocratic society needed skilled workers – universal education began, and as a result, the enlargement of cities. The division of labor has dramatically increased, and hence the amount of free time needed for creativity or other non-productive activities. And women are no longer required to be a permanent incubator. And now we remember that women have their own intelligence and creativity. It's very simple – previously, the female role was very clear. Scientific progress has given them more opportunities, that's all. Where is the male conspiracy, the terrible enslavement and centuries of oppression?

    Modern society is still in a state of transition. The old dogmas about women's share and duty, verified over the centuries, are preserved, but, at the same time, a woman has her own will, the right to education and to any chosen occupation. No one else forces you to marry and give birth. Is everything all right?” No, dogmas will die for a long time. And besides them, family has always been and will always be important. It is needed not only for birth, but also for education. No matter how you look at it, but the mother has always been and will always be emotionally more important for the child.

    And about the limitations.. Well, that's a bit dumb. Even if we take a purely physiological aspect, there is no male or female brain. It functions exactly the same, regardless of gender.

    And if we talk about consciousness, then psychologists are well aware that if you clear the public settings, then men and women are much closer to each other than they like to talk about it on the Internet. Especially in the field of mental health problems and disabilities. As a rule, this is the root of many problems between the sexes.

  20. It's simple, a woman in any society, purely because of the biological characteristics of this species, has always had an occupation to protect and raise offspring. This means that they simply had less time for demagoguery on the topic of human rights. Slowly, it became commonplace and everyone was happy with it. Men also “got” in their own way, as for a long time they were forced to wander and fight in search of prey, which in other respects also became a habit. The modern gender revolution has occurred precisely for the reason that people have reallocation and automation of work. Women can spend less time on household chores, and men, on the contrary, can not wander in search of prey. In such a situation, it turns out that they are simply equal subjects of society, with an accuracy of a number of biological features, for example, men in general are stronger and more aggressive, including in relation to the nature of work, and women are more patient and rational – this still affects the distribution of labor in one way or another. At the same time, one cannot deny the mutual integration of these concepts for different sexes, although nevertheless it is very far from 100%. At the same time, again, only women can give birth, and this also affects, since the case is not fast. Without some kind of biological transformation, of course, absolute equality will not exist, but in many ways it is already practically achievable.

  21. In history, it is constantly observed how the next government throws mud at the previous one. This is a kind of tradition of humanity, which directly concerns the power of women (matriarchy), which was replaced by the power of men.

  22. answer: because they were. to be conventionally successful, it was enough for a woman to become a mother (and now it is), while at the same time there are much more requirements for men. the lack of needs for personal development gave rise to a lack of corresponding ambitions and intentions. thus, even if women were born into an aristocratic family and received an excellent education, they often did not use it for any significant purposes, preferring motherhood and/or hedonism. also worth mentioning is the lack of contraception, which was due to the systematic actual disability of women in late pregnancy and during infancy of children.

  23. Religions played a major role in the basis of this statement. in the corner of the head of the family, the husband was placed, not the wife. In religion, women were not justly humiliated. It is in the family that the woman is the basis of it, and the husband is secondary. All the care in the family lies on the shoulders of the wife. At present, the society is gradually leveling off and justice is being restored!!! With respect.

  24. A smart man will not think so, at least on the grounds that a person's intelligence is not determined by gender, and a fool man believed, believes and will always believe so, since it is convenient to pass off such generally accepted stupidity as the truth, especially in cases when another woman has put him in a”puddle”. Whether this fool is a philosopher or an academic, it doesn't matter.

  25. Because they always valued strength,and women have less of it.+ People were wild and uneducated without exception.Constant wars, and in war a woman is a burden, a victim, a slave, a commodity.

  26. For almost a thousand years, Europe has lived in a single paradigm – the Church-Christian worldview. Before the discovery and publication of Darwin's theory, it was impossible to imagine any other picture of the world other than the church, and the church's picture of the world was taken from the Holy Scriptures and Traditions. However, the interpretation of those very Scriptures was skewed, if not worse. And it was precisely in relation to the female sex that there was a big bias. This bias was expressed in the statement that accused Eve of having driven Adam to sin, put women in unenviable conditions-they were attributed to changeability, deceit, greed, hypocrisy, envy, cunning, stupidity and other unpleasant qualities. It was believed that their main (and only) right was to give birth to children and raise them. In addition, medieval morality did not just allow, but recommended that husbands regularly “educate” their wives with their fists, since they were called “household property”.

    All this has arisen because of a radical reading of certain passages of Scripture and the inability to neutralize these passages with a sound and balanced interpretation, and as a result, these are the excesses on the ground.�

    11 Let the woman learn in silence, with all submission;
    12 But I do not allow a woman to teach, nor to rule over her husband, but to be silent.
    13 For Adam was created first, and then Eve;
    14 And Adam was not deceived; but the woman was deceived, and fell into trespass;
    15 But she will be saved through childbearing, if she continues in faith and love, and in holiness with chastity.
    (1 Timothy 2: 11-15)

    7 Likewise, husbands, treat your wives wisely as if they were the weakest vessel, honoring them as co-heirs of a life of grace, so that you may not be hindered in your prayers.
    8 Finally, be all of one mind, compassionate, brotherly, merciful, friendly, and lowly-
    minded(1 Peter 3: 7,8).

    It must be said that women are indeed weaker and less talented in some areas of life, but they are more capable in other areas and this should not lead to their humiliation and discrimination. It's just that everyone has different vocations and gifts.

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