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  1. It won't be long before a computer is smarter than a human.
    Contrary to popular belief, modern computers are “dumb”. They can perform calculations faster than a human using given algorithms and formulas, and that's it. Developments in computer artificial intelligence are also limited. There, an algorithm for finding a solution is performed or generating a solution based on accumulated data or experience accumulated as a result of training, but for solving one type of problem. If no algorithm is specified for finding a solution or there is not enough data, you will not get an answer. If there is an error in the algorithm or source data, you will get the wrong answer.
    If you don't have your own knowledge, you won't be able to verify that the response you received is correct. And without access to the computer, you will not be able to solve the problem yourself and will be vulnerable to manipulation by the person who has the computer available.

  2. for the same reason why people go to the gym, and in fact in order to get food or protect yourself, you do not need to be in good physical shape at all.

    the body ages, and if you keep it in good shape, it happens more slowly. it's the same with the mind, alzheimer's, sclerosis, dementia – it's not a joke. Second, evolution continues. now it is primarily at the expense of the mind, it is the main tool today. those who couldn't adapt to the rapidly changing world were “eaten by predators”. to do this, you have to not only search for new information, but also be able to filter it.

    there are still a small handful of people who simply enjoy learning new things, but they don't ask themselves why.

  3. Education is not a set of knowledge, it is impossible to learn and remember everything, education means knowing where to look for the necessary information and being able to separate the wheat from the chaff, because there is so much nonsense on the Internet that it just takes you by surprise.

  4. A computer is just a smart and stupid executor of a person's will. It will never become “smarter”. To find something on the Internet, you need to know what to look for and understand what you found. And the computer is not an assistant in this.

  5. We develop or degrade. So that in old age it was, from what heights to descend, they must first be climbed.

    A computer is a tool that helps you store, process, and transmit information. He is not in place of the head, but to help her.�

    A simpler analogy:

    A hammer is a tool that helps to hammer nails. Why be strong when we can never hammer nails with our hands as effectively as we can with a hammer?

  6. A computer built on current principles will never be smarter than a human. Building a computer that works according to the principles of morphogenesis will not give results comparable to the activity of the human brain. You will not be able to wait for the construction of computer systems that are close in complexity to the brain for a long time.

    As for getting knowledge, and most importantly using it – if you think that there is no need to do this-live in peace and do not worry. It's okay if the product of your vital activity is suitable only to fill the sewer with it, as long as it suits you. This is how many people, dogs, cats, and intestinal worms live – everyday activities are limited to food and simple entertainment. Insanity due to the lack of use of the brain will come quickly and thoughts will remain exactly in order to support the above activities.

  7. In one of the stories, the man of the future ” called a robot to open a beer bottle for him – either the person forgot how to do this, or he never knew.

    And the idea belongs to M. Maeterlinck-about 100 years ago he discovered the two most important pleasures in the world-The pleasure of Not Knowing Anything and the Pleasure of Not understanding Anything.�

    He received the Nobel Prize for discovery on time – in 1911.

    There were no computers yet, and the idea of living an idiot all your life has already appeared.

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