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  1. If you are talking about Christianity, then everything is very simple. It doesn't promote love. God is love – a phrase coined by Protestants to counter Catholics. We needed some kind of trick to fight and attract people. In fact, Jesus was promoting the extermination of non-believers, calling for them to be stoned, not to mention his father. They never promoted any kind of love. Wars are a natural consequence of a religion that promotes ignorance, backwardness, and imbecility.


  2. What's the question, what's the answer: this means that this religion does not preach love, but on the contrary, causes intolerance, fanaticism and the desire for destructiveness in a person.

    Here, for example, is communism. The goals of communism are as follows: to achieve equality of people, when man is a friend, comrade and brother to man; from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs; to create a society devoid of exploitation of man by man; to realize the creative potential of each person…

    Aren't these great goals?!

    But if we recall “Russian communism” or “Pol Pot's communism”, how can they be called the realization of communism as such?!

    Therefore, returning to this issue, it is necessary to understand that often various slogans or statements of religion or ideology in general are in the nature of propaganda or substitution of concepts.

    A person cannot live without Faith, but he must not lose his Reason either, trusting any slogan or call to unbiased criticism and understanding. Otherwise… blood will continue to flow.

  3. Here it is important to understand the difference between cause and occasion.

    In fact, the vast majority of “holy” wars have nothing to do with religion itself. As you get acquainted with the history of the Crusades, St. Bartholomew's Night, and the Inquisition, you will easily notice that all these events have a political background that has nothing to do with the dogma of Christianity itself.

    In Europe, a lot of landless knights accumulate, who begin to rampage and become robbers. The Moors began to invade southern Europe. The empire of Charlemagne is actively disintegrating, and the petty squabble of feudal fragmentation begins. Something must be done about these processes. And then a convenient excuse turns up – the Seljuks capture Jerusalem. As a result, the Crusades begin.

    That is, religion in the Middle Ages and Modern Times is used as a convenient excuse to cover up politics, sometimes very unsightly.

  4. Like many people, you confuse the Belief in the Divine Nature of man with the Religious practices of various cults.

    Divine Providence is based on fostering LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, and RESPECT for all living things in this Blessed World.

    Religion , based on the belief in a part of Divine Providence, adheres to the concept of projecting this part onto the whole, complete and comprehensive world order.

    By definition, religion is not capable of explaining or organizing all the manifestations that occur in our World.

    Therefore, we see many religious cults that claim to privatize a single Idea and Form of the relationship between Nature, Society and Man.

    The struggle of religions is manifested in wars between supporters and opponents.

    The truth is somewhere in the middle and contradicts violence.

  5. Writes Russian Orthodox.

    It's not about religion. It's about the people. In the West, for a long time they could not understand that it is impossible to make people believe.

    And by the way, most wars were fought over territory, not religion. But there were religious wars. And they were absolutely useless, except for those where Christians defended themselves

  6. This question has already been asked in TQ, please use the search. I will briefly answer: the cause of wars is not religion, it really preaches love. The cause of wars is greed, intrigue, self-interest, vanity and the desire for power and wealth of people who only HIDE BEHIND religion and justify the purpose of a military campaign with it.

  7. Because the deeper the truth. All the more hurt by it. However, this is not something that is given with joy. The real, unedited truth is very painful, and not everyone can accept it. And there are those who are willing to kill just to avoid it.

  8. Ever since I saw clearly, twenty years ago, how happy humanity should and can live, and how senselessly it torments itself and destroys generations after generations, I have pushed further and further away the root cause of this madness and this destruction: first the false economic structure was given as this reason, then the state violence that supports this structure; now I have come to believe that the main cause of everything is the false religious teaching transmitted by education.

    We are so used to this religious lie that surrounds us that we do not notice all the horror, stupidity and cruelty with which the teaching of the Church is filled; we do not notice, but the children do, and their souls are incorrigibly disfigured by this teaching. After all, it is only necessary to clearly understand what we are doing when teaching children the so-called law of God, in order to be horrified at the terrible crime committed by such training. A pure, innocent, not yet deceived and not yet deceiving child comes to you, to a person who has lived and has or may have all the knowledge available to humanity in our time, and asks about the foundations that a person should be guided in this life. And what do we say to him? Often we don't even answer, but pre-empt his questions so that he already has an inspired answer ready when his question arises. We answer these questions with a crude, incoherent, often simply stupid and, most importantly, cruel Jewish legend, which we pass on to him either in the original, or, even worse, in our own words.

    We tell him, instilling in him that this is a holy truth, something that we know could not have happened and that has no meaning for us, that 6000 years ago some strange, savage creature that we call God decided to create the world, created it and man, and that man sinned, an evil god punished him and all of us for it, then redeemed himself by the death of his son, he has doomed us. It seems to us that this is nothing and even useful for the child, and we are happy to listen to him repeat all these horrors, without realizing the terrible upheaval that is invisible to us, because it is spiritual, which is taking place in the child's soul. We think that the soul of a child is a blank board on which you can write whatever you want. But this is not true; the child has a vague idea that there is that beginning of everything, that reason for its existence, that power in the power of which it is, and he has the highest, indefinite and inexpressible in words, but conscious of the whole being, idea of this beginning, which is characteristic of rational people. And suddenly, instead, he is told that this beginning is nothing more than some personal autocratic and terribly evil being-the Jewish god.

    The author of these lines is Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy. Read more classics and you will not get lost in the fornication of religions.

  9. Let's get this straight. in the scriptures (of all monotheism. Torah-Tanakh Bible, and the Koran) indeed, there are a few lines about love for man and humanity, but mostly about love and praise of God. But the number of these lines is so negligible against the background of everything written that it is not included in any comparison with the opposite.

    The Old Testament-The Torah is full of blood and wars, and in the Koran even the concept of Sharia exists, and the Inquisition in the Vatican is alive and well. This is the root of wars and anger. This is postponed to the subconscious when an untrained person begins to read religious literature. Plus, there is also religious intolerance towards non-believers and dissidents (like football fans) and then it started to rush who is in a lot of trouble, someone cuts off their heads for God's sake, someone burns them at the stake or throws stones there.

    There is almost no good in religious teachings, these are just the words of puppet masters, like a lure. Probably everything.

    R. S. Just don't cite the Sermon on the Mount and the like as an example, otherwise I will counterbalance the dismemberment of the Levites and many other negative things that are incomparably more in the scriptures.

  10. We all went to school. What is the ideal purpose of the school? Isn't it better to make people better, to give them knowledge? Why, then, do teachers beat students, insult them, and organize bullying?

    Regardless of religion. Have you ever tried to change yourself? Quit smoking, for example, or something like that? If you don't succeed, does it mean that quitting smoking is a bad idea? When a person quits smoking, it happens that they become aggressive. Sometimes, he begins to impose on others his new outlook on life, healthy lifestyle, that's all (c). Does this mean that the idea of quitting smoking is bad, that it is precisely this idea that has created all this with a person?

    Here is a religion that preaches love, it is also about giving up old bad habits and remaking yourself. And in the end, it turns out different things.

    Ещё: https://thequestion.ru/questions/214623/pochemu-mnogie-khristiane-takie-agressivnye-i-neterpimye-khotya-ikh-religiya-uchit-vseprosheniyu

  11. The dictum of an unknown author is perfect for an introduction:

    “Religion as a member. It's cool if you have one. It's great if you're proud of it. But please don't brandish it in public, much less try to shove it down my children's throats.”

    I'll try to build a logical chain. The first goal of religion is to establish a generally accepted list of moral rules. The second is to explain the nature of the universe in a language that is accessible to uneducated people. The problem is that the presentation of religion was extra-successful. It is so chic went to the masses of trusting people, any startup will envy. It is logical that the idea has become an instrument of total power and propaganda. Some smart guys started using the tool as a weapon. Others have invented their own weapons, also powerful and convincing. Words cannot prove the superiority of one weapon over another. You can only use actions.

    Imagine the beliefs of a person who believes that the Earth and its inhabitants are created according to scenario “A”. He does not consider scenario “B”, because we are talking about the nature of the origin, everything is clear here. Moreover, there is no scenario “B” in the original source, and it is a terrible sin to consider any scenario other than “A”. In the dispute between the supporters of “A” and “B”, the arguments rest on different primary sources, and it is impossible to prove the truth. If you remove critical thinking, take into account lack of education and manipulation of propaganda – the option of physical violence against the opponent becomes obvious.

    Thus, a common idea was disfigured to its current state through the blood of people and colossal losses for all mankind. In general, I have a vision of how to stimulate the positive influence of religion and limit the harmful. However, my ideas are slightly inhumane and limit all possible rights and freedoms. And so, the problem is solved.

  12. What religion preaches love? If you were referring to Christianity, then this religion has nothing to do with love. She considers carnal love a sin, and preaches self-mutilation just by looking at a pretty woman with interest. Even sex with a legitimate spouse is called a “sin”by Christian priests for some reason. Christianity preaches humility and submission, but not love.

  13. Religion, in relation to a person, is an opportunity. Not just one, but a huge number of opportunities. This is always a personal choice of each person. In order to realize the bright, good truths that religion contains, it is necessary that specific people realize them. And if a person commits evil in the name of religious ideals, then apart from the question: “What kind of religion is this that has such cruel ideals?” Another question should also be raised :” Does religion really teach us this, or has a particular person turned its ideals inside out, mixing good and evil in his view?” A specific person, a specific group of people, or a specific society.

  14. Why, yes why! This template postulate has already filled my teeth.

    I will immediately digress – and why do people generally lie, steal, use violence, although they understand that this is not possible, at least on the grounds that they do not want this for themselves? The reason lies in the people.�

    You'd think religion makes people perfect! Any teaching consists of moral rules that you have to follow, educating yourself in the very new person that a person should ideally become. And there is no such thing as magic.

    It follows that decisions about conquering the New World, converting to Islam … and submitting to the emperor are made by imperfect, ambitious, greedy people. Officially, of course, they are saints and chosen by God… have you ever met such people??? And if you have such friends, do they call you to rob your neighbor?

    There are also fanatics and those who raise them.

    It was all in defense of religion.

    It would not be appropriate to criticize religion as such. You can find a lot of contradictions, and get lost in them completely.

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