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  1. A hundred years ago (this is yesterday) in Europe, there were stuffed Africans stuffed with cotton wool in museums and schoolchildren were taken on excursions to look at them and touch them. Who is the most powerful person in the world right now?

  2. Oh, right? From time immemorial, people were still the same-they loved, betrayed, hated, did not appreciate their parents, cheated on their wives, gave birth to children. Yes, there is such a thing as technological progress, but you can talk about it endlessly, because, of course, there are pros and cons. It didn't get any better or worse, just different. To say that it has become worse is a kind of senility. I like.

  3. Whether it's the same in our time: normally you could fight for 10 years and no UN or other states across the ocean would say a word to you, because they didn't care what you were doing. I saw my neighbor John cut in half by a lord with a sword, just to try out a new tool that an Eastern blacksmith had made for him. And etiquette, etiquette! In our time, the jacket had to be removed and rolled in a puddle so that the lady could walk on it. And now this asphalt, all this cleaning of the streets – no romance, even your shoes can not get dirty in the mud. A boy was caught stealing in a neighboring town, they say, and he took a flatbread and had nothing to eat, so they chopped off both his hands for it. So he died. Now all these crowded shops and well-fed people-it's just awful, I agree.

    Vaughn Mayakovsky wrote that writing letters sucks, because you have to wait, and in two or three days everything can change. Now it's even worse – all this instant communication on the phone, emails – horror, horror.

    Previously, a sick tsar was born, and we had to live with him until he died and was replaced by another-today we have to go to the polls, choose someone.

    Here, in Soviet times, nothing could be learned from the whole mass of what is forbidden, especially overseas. Now some kind of Internet for some reason, now a lot of things have become possible.

    When there was a revolution in France, I didn't care, because I didn't even know about it. Now on this TV they play Every day about these Muslims in Africa, and I know about it-horror.

    I remember my other neighbor, Harry, complaining of eye pain. So the medicine man poked something in his eye, and now he doesn't have any pain, and now he can only see with one eye. And now all this medicine, the possibility of even being treated in another country – well, who really came up with all this?

    Oh, these changes in the world are not for the better.

  4. Because people have a proven psychological thinking glitch, or scientifically speaking, a “cognitive distortion” called “embellishing the past” – a tendency to evaluate past events more positively than they were perceived at the moment when they actually happened.

    Previously, the grass was greener and the trees were bigger.�

    But if you answer differently, from the point of view of physics, according to the laws of thermodynamics, entropy (chaos) always increases. The world is becoming more and more complex and less and less predictable.

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