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  1. To begin with, infantile means feminine. I think infantile people(not just men)it becomes more so because of the increased attention to children(so that they don't cut themselves,burn themselves, or fall),and overprotection(they do a lot for them, don't allow them to show independence or take responsibility). This applies more to men,because because of stereotypes, boys are more likely to do all the housework of their mothers,grandmothers or sisters. As a result, they grow up to be independent, unable to serve themselves.
    They become feminine because of the destruction of stereotypes about how a man and a woman should look and behave.

  2. This is happening as a result of the fact that gender roles are increasingly criticized and questioned. People understand that they are free to be themselves, free to be what they want to be, and that they should strive to become not a “real man/woman”, but a real person.

  3. So do they behave in a feminine way, or infantile, that is, in a childish way? You'll make up your mind.

    If you mean increased attention to appearance (figure, clothes, haircuts…), then the reason for this, in my opinion, is to a large extent the collapse of former stereotypes about how a man and a Woman should look. Maintaining a good (and stylish, interesting) look is a way of self-expression, demonstrating your wealth, your taste and willpower (you don't just go to a rocking chair). It doesn't necessarily mean that a man loses his masculinity (even if he's wearing, oh my God, a pink shirt!). It just shows that he cares about what he looks like. In the end, they are met by their clothes, including women.

  4. To the previous answer, I can add that now some kind of cult of the child has begun, just so that it doesn't fall, that it doesn't hurt itself, they protect it from everything, for the most part women are worried, and in general I would advise you to read Dmitry Nagiyev's interview on this topic, sorry, I still haven't learned how to insert links)who will be interested in the search engine will give out

  5. For me, the answer to this question is obvious – in recent decades, the participation of fathers in raising children has decreased. In some families, there are no fathers, in others-fathers are busy at work and almost do not approach their sons. The authority of the father as a caregiver is very low in many families. I know families where the father is not trusted by 4-6-year-old boys, and if the father still goes for a walk with his son, then the nanny, or mother, or grandmother sneaks through the bushes and controls whether the father walks with the child correctly. Boys are brought up by women like girls: they smear their cheeks before going to bed, so as not to crack, they are wrapped up, put on tight underpants, grow long hair “for beauty”. Sports classes in sports sections now resemble physical education for weight loss. There are more and more such families, and more and more feminine men.

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