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  1. In a good way – and who knows what you are like 🙂 You can't perform diagnostics here, but as one of the most popular options , you experience anxiety, i.e. some kind of unformed fear, quite often. And as one of the means to somehow eliminate this anxiety, you use laughter and jokes (of indeterminate quality).

    In principle, I remember Sigmund Freud still wrote that humor is a mature psychological defense, i.e. there are no special problems from it. But, however – laughter can be simply a means of relaxation, as you know – “nervously giggles” is an expression and similar ones. If this is causing you problems , then you should study this point; perhaps there is really a lot of unnecessary stress in your life.

  2. No one expects a 16-year-old to be serious. And is there any seriousness in the perpetually stern face? A serious look-maybe.�

    “It makes me worse” is a far-fetched problem. The age is such, problems to invent. In fact, it is much worse when you are too serious from birth, both outwardly and in fact. On a perpetually serious face, wrinkles appear faster (on the forehead), and they are much less aesthetic than the wrinkles of a face that is used to laughing!

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