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  1. 1) Experts in ” how to live well “(QLC) have their own knowledge of QLC. They hide it in order to live well themselves. There is personal knowledge: http://atom-aplit.ru/Gl_01_02_.html – which ensures personal survival. Every knowledge has tools for influencing the surrounding space. By using their own tools, they influence others, and by solving their problem of living well, they make the lives of others worse.

    By taking your bank data, you can estimate how much better an individual's life is in the capital compared to other regions. Currently, this ratio is 60-90 times.

  2. Where does this conclusion come from – “we live poorly”? Apparently, your question, and a deep, philosophical one, is inspired by wisdom: everything is known in comparison. If you compare it to Europe and the United States, we may not live like them, but I personally don't want to live according to their scenario. If you look at how people live in Africa, then we all roll like cheese in butter compared to them. As for experts on how to live, our life, which makes us spin and spin in order to survive, raises citizens who are wise in life experience, who have no choice but to find answers to philosophical questions like yours.

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