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  1. Because this is the main property of stupidity – complete blindness in relation to logical inconsistencies in their own conclusions, the practical failure of their decisions, and so on.

    If, for example, you did not just use the word “fool” to insult someone, but actually communicated with narrow-minded and somewhat feeble – minded people, then you probably understand what this is about. They don't behave this way for some unknown reason – they really don't understand what's wrong.

    Thus, it is impossible to explain to the average fool that he is a fool through ordinary arguments – he simply does not operate with such concepts, he is not able to compare them in order to realize this immediately. On the other hand, how do such people get smarter? Sometimes not all of them, but nevertheless. And this happens inevitably through the realization of your own stupidity; the procedure is not pleasant, but undoubtedly useful.

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