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  1. Self-realization by action (or karma yoga) has become relevant, judging by ancient sources, for example, from the Mahabharata (Bhagavatgita), relatively recently. At one time, self-realization was also achieved by contemplation in a hermitage. Now humanity has reached a certain stage of evolution, when action is preferable for the exhaustion of karma (causes and effects of past incarnations), and action is considered not only physical obvious action, but also mental action, i.e. non-obvious.

  2. Well, here the answer is contained in the question, in my opinion. How else can a person realize himself? Not lying on the couch. It is logical that some kind of activity is needed.

  3. The answer is contained in the word “implementation”. How can I implement, for example, firewood? They can be converted to heat.

    -It is immediately clear that every thing has a potential (inside) that is not brought out into reality (outside), and that this potential can be revealed (made part of the external reality) only by interacting with something else – with fire, with oxygen, with a heated room. This interaction is an activity. And the preservation of potency is inactivity.

    In other words, firewood can be sold (turned into money), you can make a boat (turned into entertainment), and so on – their different qualities are realized (fuel, cost, buoyancy), but each time it is the transition of things to a new state (heat, money, entertainment), through interaction with something external (fireplace, bazaar, pond).

    A person, in order to be realized, needs to interact with the soul, and (partially) turn himself into a non-self. For example, I have thoughts. Well, there is, and there is – I will not tell anyone (potency). But now I felt the urge to self-actualize… I had to turn my thoughts into a text – something else, and addressed to others. The text will be liked/disliked/commented on/ignored/moderated, etc. – that is, my former potency will live by rules completely different from when she lived inside me – this means that she got into reality.

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