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  1. 1) this is an average murzhkoy brain more female 8-10% 2) the degree of intelligence is not much affected 99% of men are the same as women 3) in women, the brain is smaller by 8-10% due to associative centers (centers responsible for extraordinary solutions and solving complex logical problems ) , or rather , they are less developed , since they are mainly used for their intended purpose, for caring for offspring .Therefore , almost all inventors, Nobel laureates, are men. So the answer to this question is that there are fewer neurons in the associative centers .

  2. Women not only have a smaller brain than men, but also their arms, legs, bones, heart, lungs, and other internal organs. And, by the way, IQ does not depend on the size of the brain. The mass of the brain of a modern person is 1000-2000 g., the heaviest brain – 2800-was found in a person suffering from idiocy. But if we talk about the difference in the brain between the sexes in general, they differ in that men have more connections within the hemispheres (motor skills are more developed), and women have more connections between the hemispheres (analytical and intuitive thinking is more developed).

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