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  1. This is an ancient, very simplistic approach to evaluating people, both women and men.

    Everyone has very big problems with intelligence – it takes a very long time to figure it out.

    Everything is much easier with appearance – everything is clear instantly.

    Nature gives very sparingly – if the appearance is too much, then the intelligence is not enough, as a rule, and vice versa is true.

  2. And why is a man almost always judged by his wallet, and not by his intelligence ? How to overcome these sexist habits ?

    Here's the actual answer. The essence of which is that female representatives sell themselves, and they themselves want to be bought. While men themselves buy women, and they themselves want women to be sold to them. And extremely rare exceptions only confirm this rule.

    Probably this can not be overcome in any way, since the current state of affairs suits both men and women. And women themselves will be ready to die for the right to sell themselves to men, if this phenomenon is for any reason threatened with destruction. Because no woman, being a representative of the cunning sex, will want to turn into a representative of the weaker sex, which will actually turn her into a slave and deprive her of freedom.

  3. It's very simple – not to stick out your tits and stuff and not flash your appearance, but to attract with your mind and skills, good character and a decent personality.

    But alas, as a rule, women themselves do their best to stick out only their female qualities. And they themselves are putting a lot of pressure on their appearance. I've never seen a girl come to a test or exam without makeup on. But completely unprepared-easily.

  4. Appearance is judged by appearance, and intelligence is judged by intelligence.

    The question itself is clearly not very intelligent.

    PS By appearance-they judge appearance, and by intelligence they judge-intelligence.

    P. P. S. By appearance-they judge appearance, and by intelligence they judge-intelligence.

  5. What does it mean to be judged by her appearance? All women are equal in court. And if you meant something else, i.e. why do men like beautiful women in the first place, and not smart ones? Then biology will easily answer this question. It's all about our innate instincts. And there's nothing you can do about it. Our instincts don't care about tolerance, sexism, emancipation, and other newfangled inventions of modern culture.

    I myself probably would like to fall in love with other women, but as they say “you can't order your heart” (innate instincts can't be changed). All I can do is not give my instincts too much control over my actions. But there's no way I can force myself to fall in love with a fat, pimply professor with three college degrees, for the place of a charming, slender student who was expelled for failing grades.

  6. Not only women are judged by their appearance, but also men.

    Look at Anatoly Wasserman, would you approach him on the street, meet him? Unlikely. And intelligence there – God grant everyone.

    Again, a man will always look at a woman as a woman, and not as a storehouse of intelligence or knowledge. This is secondary.

  7. In any case, women themselves have achieved this) You yourself introduced this term “A man should be a little more beautiful than a monkey”, or “for a man, appearance is not the main thing”.

    Thanks to such phrases, we are valued for our external data, we are to blame for the RF, we would not have shoved such rubbish into our daughters, this would not have happened)

    And you also inculcate your daughters with a beggar drunk man who will lie on the couch and do nothing while living with you . The phrase “with a nice paradise and in the trash”., “love is the main thing”.

    It's your own fault, so teach your children about it further.

  8. Well, first of all, appearance can immediately tell everything about both intelligence and internal problems.

    Look at the face and you will immediately (consciously or unconsciously) understand what kind of person is in front of you and what to expect from him. Some people like moody or naive blondes, Some like bright and confident brunettes.

    But very few masochists like arrogant or proud women who have on their face (on a beautiful one) written “I am a superstar and deserve the best!”.

    Go to the last-year lectures at some university (such as Moscow State University) and you will understand why smart and single women are so annoying.

  9. Hello.An old Russian folk saying: “Meet on clothes, and see off on the mind.”A person's clothes are immediately visible,and the mind(the internal structure of a person,her words,actions)is only visible over time,because “a bird can be seen by flight”.This applies to both women and men☺You don't have to fight with your habits,don't waste your energy.I am met by my height,but I am escorted along the welding seam…And to all the comments, I say to myself: “camels spit,dogs bark,the caravan goes.”I wish your caravan to go slowly but surely😆

  10. There is a saying: Meet on clothes-see off on the mind.

    So it's not unusual. Sexism has nothing to do with it. If a girl dresses up like a plucked chicken, her ass is barely covered , then they will look at her as if she is crazy. But someone looking at her will drool. I would not want to offend sick people without it. It's called Down's syndrome. If a girl dresses up in such a way that her breasts fall out, then she will receive more attention from some sexually preoccupied people and less attention from mentally healthy people who will avoid her a little. At the same time, it's not just about certain people. But also in the fact that it can contribute to the flow of people from the category of some to the category of others. Then if the girl dresses decently, then when communicating with a mentally healthy person, they will talk like people. And if a girl dresses indecently, then she is already talking to the same person will contribute to the manifestation of some features of a half-witted person in him. And, of course, this is not a good thing. There are just idiots, both on the part of girls and on the part of boys.

  11. So a man is primarily judged by his appearance, but you will not choose a homeless person, even if he is a professor in the past. Women also choose according to external signs in the first place.

  12. So intelligence and fight)) I think it's not just women who are judged this way) Alas, the intelligence of some is so securely hidden, they do not always have time to shine) but prelesti…if there is..here you are) enjoy (well, or vice versa))Soryan, I don't want to offend anyone – selyavi, for fuck's sake! If a man has a million virtues, I will never fall for it if I don't like his appearance, this is both the outfit and the physical data… In short, I should like the whole picture! To make the eye happy) but also about tastes, as they say…..I here with such fetish of the friends faced concerning appearance) pts, littlefinger is shorter… the cheekbone isn't at that angle…yes, and their tarkanov full! t. Ch., if they say..how..there…do not drink water from the face (like this), danuna-still how to drink! Size doesn't matter-danuna, of course it does! IMHO.

  13. It depends on who the evaluators are and for what purpose they evaluate it. For example, the employer is unlikely to evaluate for beautiful eyes, and, for example, women in leadership positions can be called well-groomed at most, and even then not always. Of course, there are professions where appearance plays a special role: model, flight attendant, etc. In personal relationships – I know a considerable number of quite happy and harmonious couples, in which the man is outwardly more attractive. And there are even cases when a man left his beautiful wife for a much less beautiful woman. It turns out that in this area of beauty is not as popular as it is commonly believed. A female muse? Think of Lila Brik or Gala Dali and you will understand that even here everything is not so clear. A Beautiful Lady? The days of knights are long gone. So what's left? In its purest form, the sexual appeal of a beautiful woman remains. But beautiful men also have a much greater sexual attractiveness, no matter how much the stronger sex convinces itself otherwise.

  14. The inner is very strongly reflected in the outer. Further, as you communicate, only fine-tuning the opinion is made. Everything else is a problem of a dislocated brain.

  15. I'll pick up the cons, but oh well.

    That's all they say soul, soul..soul.

    It won't come to the soul! If you just didn't like it, if in the 21st century you can get acquainted offline, then yes, there is a chance to hook up with you, but men need to be nice to look at the girl, of course, and he must take care of himself.

    What do you want to overcome? In the US, for example, posters already have thick models, right there 150kg+ and that this will somehow help? If I don't like such a person, then he and others. whatever they do, they won't change my mind.

    Yes, it can be pleasant to communicate with her, but this is only friendship, which it is advisable to talk about right away, so that the person does not cause pain.

    Maybe in some cases, if we communicate directly on the Internet and now the person's mind has sunk into the soul, again, it all depends on the specific case and person.

    Yes, and girls also choose, although they are not so dependent on instincts as men.

  16. Good afternoon, in today's society, the key evaluation criterion is exactly the resource that is needed from a communication partner. If a girl needs beauty, in this case external, then according to this parameter, if the company needs a chief accountant, then beauty is optional. The estimated categories depend on each specific case.

    In the general context. Our internal content is not interesting to anyone and no one will know about it if we are not attractive externally. Simplifying, in order to start interacting with a person, at a minimum, it should not repel with its appearance.

  17. When they see her for the first time, they judge her by her clothes and face, as they say, but by what else? We do not possess telepathy and there are few physiognomists among us, who can accurately determine a person's character by facial features. This is not a sexist attitude, just if you wear short skirts that slightly cover your underpants, then do not be surprised that you will be perceived as a girl of a very ancient profession.

  18. Because people value three things: style – how different a person is from the ordinary and vivid manifestation of his nature; control – how consciously and intelligently a person does everything he does – and warmth of heart: how happy and good it is for you to be in the field of attention of this person.

    The style is well shown in appearance. Control , too; for example, a clumsy, fat, or sloppy woman shows that she is not completely in control of her actions (or, of course, consciously tries to get fat, get dirty, and dress like a homeless woman for a new movie role), and warmth is expressed by facial features; small, tiny facial expressions, the usual creases of the lips and eyes, the tension of the muscles of the eyebrows and cheeks. A girl with a tense face is unlikely to be comfortable in communication.

    If you are looking for an employee, or a partner, or a traveling companion on a trip around the world – you will take a beautiful, stylish dressed person with a kind and cheerful expression on his face.

    And intelligence… well, if he was smart enough to be like that, that's enough. To look beautiful is also a great skill.

  19. There is no way to overcome these sexist habits in our society, because people are “brought up” in such a way that if you are not the right person, then you are the enemy. And the model of behavior in which a woman is a person and should be evaluated for her achievements, and not for beautiful eyes, does not fit into Russian reality. Therefore, feminists and sympathizers will either not be accepted for a very long time, or never at all…

  20. Well, probably because first of all we love the eyes! I am 40, I have three children and I still look at everyone from school first image, appearance, neatness, … communication intelligence, diction, well, a face with a figure (posture).It depends on people, there are those who in general do not pay attention to anything!!! Reach out to those who are unhappy with something, they are fun! believe me!!! you can even laugh at them! laughter prolongs your life!

  21. Apparently this is inherent in men genetically, because a man automatically evaluates the appearance of a girl, whether he wants it or not, and this definitely makes sense, because the essence of relationships is procreation, and beautiful appearance speaks of good genes, outwardly beautiful people are much healthier than ugly, respectively, children from a beautiful girl will also be beautiful (I think many noticed that beautiful children have beautiful mothers) and

    Also, girls of course pay attention to appearance and of course to whether a man can provide for a family, and this is also normal and genetically laid down.

  22. Come on. They simply evaluate the adequacy, neatness, ability to present themselves, support the conversation. And in general, it depends on who evaluates.

    This is the adequacy – everyone goes to the nightclub attractive and made up, to work – modestly dressed with modest make-up, for example. On the contrary, it seems to me that girls fall for appearance, men are attracted to energetic girls with sexual energy and a pleasant character. They may not have a bomb-like appearance.

  23. In our society, we were always met by our clothes. Therefore, looking good is a job. In Russia, it is considered that there are few men, so I often see such a metamorphosis, the girl is all like a picture: manicure, pedicure, hair, eyelashes, lips, tasteful clothes, heels, and next to a guy in sweatpants.

    There will be no chance for the girl to open her mouth, and even to listen, if she looks like Nadezhda Konstantinovna. First the appearance, and then whatever you want.

  24. Because a woman's beauty speaks of femininity. And the mind is a common thing, both men and women have it. Accordingly, you will not see her femininity in the mind. Well, why do I need a man next to me, only in a skirt, and not pants? This is if we talk about personal relationships. And if we talk about business, then the mind naturally comes first.

    PS. I'll add it. A smart woman is almost always beautiful, precisely because she is smart. It looks like a pun, but it's true.

  25. You also pay attention to your appearance.It's impossible not to pay attention.Alas, in our society, the mind of a woman is of little interest to anyone.men count.that they have enough of their own.

  26. Move to another country. In Russia, this trauma of mentality will definitely heal for another 30 years.

    In general, look first of all at how you evaluate yourself. and build relationships based on your feelings.

  27. And as a Picture to attract attention, you have chosen a beautiful woman. And also undressed and in the pose of a seducer.

    You're a sexist man!

    PS In fact, this is not necessary to fight. It's ONLY NATURAL. The hype surrounding this is not natural.

    If 100500 preoccupied teenagers come to a beautiful lady with a fanservice, and no one comes to a smart black fat woman (there are probably others like that), then it's clear who to put on the KDPV. Etc. Why fight it?

  28. No need to try to overcome anything. Moreover, it is impossible to overcome the dogma. It is better to develop your intelligence and go ahead. And I leave such an empty struggle with the windmills to modern “feminists” , they don't care what to fight for as long as they don't shave their legs.

  29. By nature, man is programmed to procreate. There's nothing you can do about it, and the exceptions in the form of childfree only confirm the rule. And beauty – what we think is beautiful – is just an indicator that a woman can give birth to many healthy and strong children. Another thing is that the concepts of beauty can be so distorted – and hammered into the human brain – that” beautiful ” can be perceived as something that is generally contraindicated not only for childbearing, but also just for normal life. Like, for example, dystrophy on the verge of starvation fainting. Or, for example, in China, a disfigured woman's leg was considered “beautiful”, and the Chinese really considered beautiful barely limping women-that's the strength of the cultural stereotype! So what does that have to do with it now? It has nothing to do with it: an animal vestige of the human psyche. For example, two politicians or two business partners – a man and a woman-are negotiating. And the man, without realizing it, evaluates: this one would have given me healthy children… Or: you can't expect kids from this one… And it doesn't matter that there was nothing between them, there is nothing and there will not be, and it doesn't matter that the beauty criteria, to put it mildly, are shifted, and that this man may not want children at all: you can't “turn off”the subconscious assessment. And the fact that she's a fool-but does it really matter? A fool can still have children… What about men who are fools?.. And male fools in ancient times did not reproduce: they died before they left offspring. It was then that the mentally handicapped began to be taken care of, and in ancient times, if a man lived to adulthood, it means that he has a minimum number of brains. It is hardly possible to overcome this attitude: only to recognize it as a feature of the psyche and abstract from it as much as possible, so that it affects as little as possible the areas of life that require intelligence, and not instinct.

  30. Sexist habits are destroyed by social education from school, and / or awareness of the fact that they are bastards and work on themselves. And if a face doesn't want to stop being sexist, it will continue to be. And this is both his fault and the fault of a stupid country that encourages such views.

  31. But because the atavistic signs are still there. And men, by their nature, have the instinct of the male (and women, respectively). If you willingly or unwittingly give a man a reason to think about yourself in this sense, for example, wear short and tight clothes, laugh loudly and defiantly, make eyes – the man perceives you, first of all, not as an equal in intelligence, but as an object of possible sexual satisfaction. There is no need to fight, just distinguish between situational moments.

  32. But because almost always the male psychology prevails in men.Moreover, from the beginning of puberty to the most advanced years, without restrictions. And in a purely male company, you will not hear praise for women's eyes, as they like to say to us, but for other parts of the body, and not at all in the expressions that they whisper in women's ears. And often this does not depend on the intelligence or degree of decency of the man. That's probably how they work. Therefore, a man's first impression of a woman is an assessment of her sexy qualities. If a woman emphasizes her femininity when communicating (for example, making eyes or laughing excessively and loudly, etc.), then the assessment of her intelligence will be in last place. Since there is no point in changing the male nature, you need to communicate simply and naturally, as if you were talking to a woman. By the way, it is difficult for some people, they believe that men need some special words and gestures. But such actions are unacceptable, unless they are your goal.

  33. Not just women, I think. We always judge everyone by their appearance, as they say, if the cover is attractive, then you want to open the book first, and then read it. But if the cover is poorly designed, in some skulls, or untidy, greasy and shabby, then you will not want to pick it up. According to statistics, attractive people (regardless of gender) are more successful in life, they are more willing to be hired, for example, they are more willing to respond to their requests, provide help, etc. I am not sure that this has anything to do with sexism.

  34. Unfortunately, I am very familiar with this. I have long hair (hair below the buttocks), make up a lot, wear heels and dress” sexy”. At the same time, I am a mathematician with 2 higher degrees and speak 3 languages. But I am considered a fool, accessible)))) It's frustrating, but I'm already used to it :)) when people find out that I am a mathematician, they are so surprised ))))

    I am very erudite, but my boyfriend, with whom I have been for 3 years, thinks that I don't know anything, is even sure of it, doesn't believe that I know math and physics. Here it is hard of course)))

    people will always, always be judged only by their appearance! Everyone is used to the fact that mathematicians are men, nerds and bespectacled, weak-willed and ugly. Like this.

  35. And why fight it? A woman has her own territories of power, in which she has an indisputable advantage, and one of them is appearance. Why argue with the wind, leaning on the oars, if you can open the sail and relax slightly twisting the rudder.

  36. Not always so, some do not judge. But many people judge. Why is that? All this is because we were taught this and most people don't even think about such questions (such as you asked).

    Your question arose as a consequence of what is actively happening to us now: the corruption of both boys and girls, the formation of certain values in a person. This is hard to notice when you are a part of the system that is changing. But if you compare the media of the Soviet period and tekushie, you can see a huge difference.

    All this is done to make us easy to manage. If a person realizes what he really needs, this is a terrible thing, it will be impossible to manage it. He won't need to buy a new phone just because it's new and cool. Imagine, a person will no longer have this choice in his head: what to save for, for the latest iPhone or Android. (In any case, a person will not take this material thing with him to the grave. He'll hold it in his hands, then pass it on to someone else… Sorry, your earthly time is up to hold these things in your hands…) A person will save not for baubles, but for himself. The last sentence may be hard to understand.

    To overcome “these sexist habits”, I came to the conclusion that for this you need to fight with many things: the media, television, music, fashion with its shows.

    In general, the whole struggle will be reduced to the struggle against ideologues who feed us all this slag and teach us that the female body is all that a woman is. Right, ideologues? Do they exist? Of course there is. Do you think it all happens there somehow? Uh, no, nothing happens by itself. And especially this one right now.

    So, who are the ideologues? In fact, we know them, I will not voice them. We can definitely conclude that ideologues are associated with those who let half-naked guys or girls who dance almost a striptease on New Year's Eve go on TV, for example.

    They can influence advertising directly or indirectly.

    Directly – it is clear how. They said, for example, to the head of channel one: so, we need to lower the level of censorship. Now we will show this, that and that. He's listening. This method is good, it is often used. But there is a way 1000 times better.

    Indirectly. Indirectly , this is when the media owners “themselves” make a decision that is in the hands of ideologues. Why would they make such decisions? With the fact that the public is interested in it. From the fact that society was prepared for vulgarity, it was taught this. There is no direct order here. But still, there is something interesting and it is downright huge.

    The key point in indirect interaction is that media owners should be tied to money, to profit. That is, so that they want to earn money no matter what. Chobs media owners themselves have been trained to accept vulgarity as the norm. In this case, everything works perfectly like clockwork.

    How to fight and whether it is necessary? Of course you need to. You need to criticize all this. Try to look at everything with different eyes. I would recommend reading the Bible or other sacred writings.

    What problems can there be: you will be a black sheep. Personally, I have come to the conclusion that there is no need to be afraid of this, because if you believe the Bible, then God said something like this in it: whoever suffers because of me will go to heaven. So this is even a plus.

  37. No way.100% of fools consider themselves smart.And no one will ever ignore a smart person.No one will ever ignore intelligence.And all the talk about being afraid of smart women,and not reacting to my intellect and my huge soul, is just a sign of a stupid person.A stupid person always comes up with moronic and fake reasons for his failures, because he is stupid.And everyone is judged by their appearance, not just women.Moreover, appearance is also a reflection of intelligence.But a smart person, in one way or another, uses his mind,which can not but affect the reaction of others.If the woman is ugly and has problems communicating with the opposite sex….It means that she is not so smart, since she does not change anything in herself to change the situation as a whole. I can see the raisins in anyone.But even without this super ability, I am deeply convinced, because I have been convinced of this more than once-an intelligent person is by definition beautiful. As the French say-If a person is not beautiful at 15-this is his trouble.If a person isn't beautiful at 30,it's their fault.

    A smart person, if he suffers from his ugliness, will find a way to improve it,and that's why he is smart.And if the question was asked because of the opposite situation.If I am beautiful, but no one appreciates my intelligence, then it is quite obvious that I am not set to shine, entim the most.Well, the accusation of sexism, in matters of intelligence, simply directly indicates a lack of intelligence.A smart person doesn't blame anyone for THEIR problems.And this is one of the criteria for intelligence.

  38. What makes you think it's just a woman?? Has everyone forgotten the old saying – “meet on clothes, see off on the mind”? And as a character from the old comedy “Where is Nofelet” used to say: – What is wrong here, if you are both met and spent well? So there are no habits, and certainly not sexist, let the gentlemen human rights activists correct me if I'm wrong.

  39. Because they meet you by your clothes, but they see you off by your mind. There is an old Russian proverb. There is nothing more to say here.

    About the fact that this applies only to women-but don't make me laugh. You, young ladies, obviously will not run after a homeless-looking type, even if he is three times an intellectual.

  40. I'll speak out too. In fact, your question sends a slightly wrong message. Not only is a woman judged by her appearance, but people are generally judged by their appearance. For example, there are survey data from which it becomes clear that respondents tend to endow more beautiful people with better qualities than ugly ones, as well as intelligence.�

    Let me explain. If two photos are shown: a handsome man with a smile, in an open position (not a jock or an athlete, there are other stereotypes included) and a fat, sullen man with warts, about the first 80% of respondents will say that he is smarter.�

    But, of course, women are often the object of evaluation, this is what feminists are fighting against. This has been the case in our society ever since women were not allowed to study and were passed on as a thing from their father to their husband. And maybe partly because ” men love with their eyes.” Although we also always evaluate men externally, so here it is 🙂

  41. The object is evaluated by the evaluator in accordance with their values, desires, images, patterns, experience, upbringing, knowledge, and cliches.

    If appearance is important to the evaluator, then he evaluates by appearance, mind-by intelligence.

    Any generalization often says more about the analyser than it does about what is being analyzed.

    For a maggot, all life is shit, for a butterfly – nectar. And they're both right.

    Unexpected, right?

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