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  1. And who is the measure of norms? Society or yourself? What does loneliness mean? To be able to be, for some period of life, alone and not feel alone))) this is an achievement and a certain, qualitative stage in self-development.

  2. The norm of spending a person's time alone, the value is purely individual. If you feel good alone for hours, well, great, take a break from the hustle and bustle and devote time to yourself, engage in self-education. Loneliness shows its negative properties on a person only when a person feels discomfort from it, he wants communication, but it is not there. Here, loneliness affects a person in direct proportion, the longer a person does not get what they want, the faster the general condition of the body worsens. how to deal with loneliness with Pet therapy can be found on my Zen channel. I suggest you watch the channel, where you will find a more extended answer. zen.yandex.ru/id/60221596ad87be7e28dee966

  3. Here you need to first decide for yourself-and what is loneliness.After all,you can be alone in the crowd, and you can enjoy life alone Rabinsor Crusoe,before meeting Friday, really did not miss on the island


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