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  1. Unsolicited concern is an invasion of personal boundaries. A normal reaction to the violation of personal boundaries is aggression. Not in the sense of hitting with a baton, but in the sense of an emotional reaction – and how to deal with it, you choose.

    If you are wondering (by the way, if I am already showing unsolicited concern, going beyond the literal answer to the question) – look at the technique of “I-statements”, and Marshall Rosenberg's “Nonviolent communication”. It's all about saying ” no ” without destroying communication.

  2. Caring is a manifestation of love. And love can't be annoying. You either reject it or reciprocate. It is annoying when someone is intrusive towards us, “shows inappropriate” attention and excessive care. It has nothing to do with caring. Because when we take care of someone, we take into account the feelings of the person.

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